For the first time since 2003, Baghdad is sending Iraqi forces to the zero border line

For the first time since 2003, Baghdad is sending Iraqi forces to the zero border line

November 29, 2022 

Baghdad / Obelisk: Iranian officials presented evidence to Iraq about the use of Iraqi lands against Iran, including the transfer of weapons by Kurdish groups into Iranian territory through smuggling, while Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammad al-Sudani is visiting Tehran to discuss this file among many files.

According to sources, Iraq has begun to deploy military units along the border, which is about 200 kilometers long.

A spokesman for the Iraqi Joint Operations Command, Major General Tahsin al-Khafaji, says, “Iraq is able to fully control its border file and prevent any threat from its lands to all countries in the region.”

Iranian sources denied, circulating news that Iran is preparing to launch a ground attack on Kurdistan, while the Iraqi Ministerial Council for National Security announced a plan to redeploy Iraqi forces on the borders with Turkey and Iran.

Writer and strategic researcher Raad Hashim says on Twitter that the issue of deploying Iraqi security forces (army or border forces) along the Iranian or Turkish borders is confusing and complex, and not easy to achieve, wondering: How will this happen, symbolically or realistically, on the ground?!

Political analyst Ali Mared Al-Asadi considered that the deployment of symbolic Iraqi forces belonging to Baghdad on the northern borders with Iran and Turkey will not solve the essence of the problem unless it is a sovereign and strategic decision that restores control of all border crossings of the region in addition to expelling terrorist organizations that exist in a safe and supportive environment from which they launch attacks. on neighboring countries.

And the former advisor at the Iraqi Ministry of Defense, Maan al-Jubouri, reveals that for the first time since 2003, the government is sending and strengthening Iraqi forces at the border on the zero line with Iran and Turkey.

لأول مرة منذ 2003 .. بغداد ترسل قوات عراقية على الخط الحدودي الصفري

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