Al-Salhi Announces The Date Of Raising The Budget To The House Of Representatives And Voting On It

11/30/2022 1 

Earth News / Member of Parliament, Rafik al-Salihi, set today, Wednesday, the date for submitting the budget to Parliament and voting on it.

Al-Salhi told Earth News, “The previous Al-Kazemi government failed to prepare a budget for the current year 2022, and therefore the next budget 2023 is important.”

And he indicated that “all governorates and ministries have raised their needs in terms of projects and others

As for the 2023 budget, it is an important budget, and the Al-Kazemi government failed in the year 2022 by not being able to prepare a budget for the previous year, and now the Ministry of Finance is proceeding with its preparation, which also includes fixing contracts,” noting that “next Tuesday, the budget will be submitted to the House of Representatives and begin to discuss, prepare and vote on it in the coming days.”


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