Among Them Are Prominent Names.. Integrity Reveals Those Involved In The “Theft Of The Century” And Warns!

11/28/2022 1 

Earth News / Today, Monday, the Parliamentary Integrity Committee expressed its fear of making “Nour Zuhair”, accused of the “theft of the century”, a scapegoat, without overthrowing the big heads involved in this matter.

Ali Turki, a representative of the committee, said in a statement singled out to him by the “Earth News” agency, that “this theft was called the theft of the century, due to the volume of the stolen money, as well as the careful planning for it, which was starting from the eighth month 2021, through a letter from the Finance Committee, in addition to canceling The role of oversight.”

He added, “We have reached very good information on this subject, but there is an involvement of large heads who stand today as a wall of thwarting without reaching the real thieves and contenting themselves with (Nour Zuhair) being the head and the mastermind.”

Turki continued, “We have information that (Nour Zuhair) was the director of the office of Haitham al-Jubouri, the technical advisor to the former prime minister, and all the five companies are linked to him, because he has a power of attorney for all the companies that stole tax money, as he owns a large percentage of their shares, and he is the authorized director.” for all companies.”

And he confirmed, “There are documents condemning the former Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, for appointing the so-called (Osama), directly and by a letter from his office,” and added that “there are books proving the involvement of Raed Jouhi, the former director of the Prime Minister’s Office and intelligence.”

He pointed out that “the Integrity Commission is not far from participating in this matter, through the director of the investigation office, who in turn gave the green light to issue the first instrument.”

He also explained that “the Office of Financial Supervision plays a major role in the issue of (theft of the century), as well as the Money Laundering Division, in partnership with the Rafidain Bank.”

And he added recently, that “numerous political figures left behind this matter, and it has not been revealed yet,” expecting that “there will be a deal to close the case, with an agreement to recover a large amount of money, in return for not harming the big heads and protecting them from the hands of the law.”

Turki also addressed, “The Prime Minister not to blame him in the right, and to put those involved before the law, whether those who are still inside or outside Iraq, and not be content with recovering the money only.”

بينهم أسماء بارزة.. النزاهة تكشف المتورطين في “سرقة القرن” وتحذر!

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