to broker a new round of Saudi-Iranian talks, al-Sudani heads to Tehran tomorrow

Iraq News Mohammad Shia Al-Sudani

2022-11-27 13:55Font

Shafaq News/ Iraq’s new Prime Minister Mohammad Shia al-sudani will be heading to the Iranian capital, Tehran, tomorrow, Monday, at an official invitation from Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi.

Al-Sudani will be flanked by a high-level economic and political delegation. This visit will be his first to a non-Arab country and his third, after Jordan and Kuwait, since he took over as a prime minister. 

An under-secretary of the Iranian president told Iran’s official news agency, IRNA, that he will receive al-Sudani at Saad Abad’s cultural and historical compound in Tehran. 

Mohammad Jamshidi that al-Sudani will hold a series of meetings during this one-day visit to Tehran and will sign a memorandum of understanding on developing the ties between Iran and Iraq. 

Sources told Shafaq News Agency that the Baghdad-sponsored Saudi-Iranian talks will be the main topic on the visit’s agenda.

A source said that Riyadh would be his next destination after tomorrow’s visit.


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