The directors of “Al-Rafidain and Al-Rasheed” stress keeping pace with modern technology and advancing the banking sector



Economy News – Baghdad

The Director General of the Rafidain Bank, Muhammad Samir, confirmed, on Sunday, that the priorities of the bank’s work are simplifying banking procedures and introducing modern technology.

The media office of the Rafidain Bank said in a statement, “The Director General of the Rafidain Bank, Muhammad Samir, received the Director General of the Rasheed Bank, Basem Abd Ali Youssef, and during the meeting, they discussed the mechanisms of joint cooperation between the two sides with regard to banking work and its development.” 

He added that “the two sides stressed keeping pace with modern banking technology and advancing the banking sector in the country, which will reflect positively on the growth of the national economy.”

Muhammad Samir stressed, according to the statement, “the need to improve the level of service performance provided to citizens and simplify banking procedures and facilities in line with the ministry’s directions in overcoming all obstacles and routine procedures that would impede the completion of transactions.”


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