Baghdad and Erbil to discuss budget in a specialized committee: KRG spokesperson

Kurdistan Federal Government

2022-11-27 14:42ShareFont

Shafaq News/ Baghdad and Erbil have agreed to form a committee to deliberate the Kurdistan region’s share of the federal budget, spokesperson to the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), Jotiar Adil, said on Sunday.

Speaking in a press conference he held in Erbil earlier today, Adil said, “a KRG delegation that visited Baghdad recently has held a meeting with a delegation from the federal government to discuss the preparations for drafting a budget bill for 2023.”

“The delegation has held extensive talks with different political parties over the region’s share of the budget,” he added.

The two delegations agreed to form a committee to settle this issue, he said.

Adil reiterated the regional government’s commitment to addressing the differences with the federal government in accordance with the permanent constitution of Iraq.


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