An agreement between Baghdad and Washington: an American grant to support development in Iraq

Al Arabi Al Jadeed


Safaa Al-Kubaisi

November 23, 2022

America's ambassador to Iraq/politics/Twitter

The agreement is an unprecedented milestone between the two countries (Twitter)

Today, Wednesday, Iraq and the United States of America signed a “Development Goals Grant” agreement, under which Baghdad will receive $550 million over 5 years.

Following the signing of the agreement, the US Ambassador to Iraq, Elena Romansky, said at a press conference in Baghdad: “This agreement is an unprecedented milestone for bilateral relations between the two countries,” adding that “our partnership enhances our common goals of a more stable and prosperous Iraq that serves all its people.”

And she stated, “Under the executive agreement, Washington, through USAID, is obligated to provide approximately $550 million over the next five years to boost economic growth, increase citizen confidence and participation in democratic governance, address the needs of marginalized and vulnerable populations, and address the effects of climate change.”

The US ambassador to Iraq indicated, “The agreement will allow us to support the efforts of our Iraqi counterparts to meet the most urgent needs of this country, and it will allow the two parties represented by the US Agency for International Development and the Iraqi Ministry of Planning to develop plans and determine priorities, guarantee and long-term impact of our activities in our development assistance in the country.”

She explained, “The years of conflict have affected Iraq’s ability to provide services and economic opportunities to all its citizens, and our common goal is to support economic growth in Iraq, strengthen democratic institutions, address climate change and help the most vulnerable groups among the population, and that this agreement is the beginning of the cooperative relationship between the US Agency.” For international development and the Iraqi Ministry of Planning, this is what we look forward to.

For his part, the Iraqi Minister of Planning, Muhammad Tamim, said, at the press conference, that “the agreement came in conjunction with the first steps to start the new government’s work, and that the ministerial curriculum of this government adopted a realistic plan that can be implemented by ministries, independent bodies and local governments, with a joint responsibility for the government structure in all its aspects.” Noting that “the agreement supports the achievement of accelerated and comprehensive economic growth in the country, as well as its contribution to restoring and strengthening citizens’ confidence in the state.”

The agreement will be valid for a period of 5 years starting from the date of signing, and it comes within the framework of the so-called “strategic agreement for the relationship of friendship and cooperation between Iraq and America,” and also in accordance with the economic and technical cooperation agreement.

The period that followed the formation of the Iraqi government headed by Muhammad Shia’a al-Sudani (appointed on October 13) witnessed frequent meetings between him and American officials who were accompanied by the American ambassador in Baghdad, which raised questions about these visits and repeated meetings, while observers find that The United States appears to be supportive of the new government that was formed through the “coordinating framework” coalition close to Tehran.


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