Al-Sudani begins the first procedures to activate the Iraqi private sector

The resigned head of “Integrity” accuses parties of “spitting” Monday – 20 Rabi’ al-Thani 1444 AH – 14 November 2022 AD Issue number [16057]

The future Sudanese judge Haider Hanoun Zayer, who was assigned to carry out the duties of the presidency of the Integrity Commission (conscious)

Baghdad: «Middle East»

The Iraqi Prime Minister, Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani, announced his government’s intention to end wrong practices that represent an obstacle to the development of the economic sector in the country, indicating that the first step in this field is to involve the private sector.

Al-Sudani said, during his meeting yesterday (Sunday) with a number of businessmen, investors and owners of projects in the private sector: “Private sector projects must be consistent with the nature of economic challenges and the needs faced by citizens.”

According to a statement by his media office, Al-Sudani discussed with businessmen and investors “the national economic reality, prospects for the private sector’s work, its contribution to expanding job opportunities and development, and the most important obstacles and challenges it faces.”

During the meeting, Al-Sudani stressed “the government’s determination to end wrong practices that represent an obstacle to the development of this vital economic sector,” expressing “the conviction that the state’s economic paths cannot be corrected unless the private sector is an essential partner in this correction and reform.” He added that “the opportunity will be available and supported by the government, to enter into a constructive partnership with this national sector, which is highly relied upon to reduce unemployment and provide sustainable national development that contributes to ensuring stability and social peace,” stressing that “the projects will be subject to fair competition, on the basis of The principle of equal opportunity, away from monopoly.

Al-Sudani had announced on Saturday, during his meeting with a number of media professionals and political analysts, which was attended by Asharq Al-Awsat, that “experimentation is no longer possible, and the next opportunity to work is the last opportunity, and it must succeed,” considering that “the age of the current government depends on what it can do.” It presents achievements to the citizen, so that they are truly tangible,” stressing that “opportunities for success are available, the first of which is financial abundance and political and security stability.”

While Al-Sudani stressed during the meeting that “the bodies responsible for monitoring in the country need to be changed,” he ended yesterday (Sunday) assigning the head of the Integrity Commission, Judge Alaa Jawad Al-Saadi, and assigning Judge Haider Hanoun Zayer, to carry out the tasks of heading the Integrity Commission.

Al-Sudani’s media office stated that the termination of the assignment came at the request of Al-Saadi, and that the Prime Minister confirmed “the government’s direction and its continuation in efforts to combat corruption, recover looted Iraqi funds, and those wanted in integrity cases; This file is given priority in the ministerial curriculum.

For his part, the resigned head of “Integrity” stressed in his resignation letter to Al-Sudani that “the creation of oversight bodies in the general structure of the Iraqi state institutions was inevitable, necessitated by the challenges that emerged after the fall of the previous regime, and the state of administrative and financial chaos that followed that era. , as a result of the process of change and the novelty of experience. Because of the importance and necessity of this, the Iraqi legislator came and stipulated it in Article 102 of the permanent Iraqi constitution of 2005, in recognition of its importance in monitoring the various state institutions and ministries.

He added, “Assuming an important position in the national oversight bodies is not a matter of honor and pleasure that a person in charge can enjoy; Rather, it is an assignment and a great national responsibility with difficulties and troubles that burden the incumbent, and giving up this site is a relief to its owner and liberation and liberation from those responsibilities fraught with dangers, difficulties and problems with several parties, within the executive authority or the legislative blocs supporting its members in the authority; And even exposure to the arrows of criticism, insult and injury by the media arms of those influential parties, which sought to form a public opinion against all benevolent efforts to combat corruption and preserve public money.

And he continued: “And out of the national responsibility entrusted to us, and because we did not cling to the position; and even asceticism in it; Because we were unable to continue in our position, after the campaigns of distortion, misrepresentation and defamation against our institution, we submit to the Prime Minister a request to be exempted from the position, wishing those who hold the position success in carrying out this grave task, and enjoying the support of all of the three authorities, members of society and elites and national media.


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