Al-Eqabi: The 2023 budget will be explosive…and reveals the reason for Al-Najjar’s resignation

  • Time: 06/11/2022 23:18:13
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Al-Eqabi: The 2023 budget will be explosive...and reveals the reason for Al-Najjar's resignation

  {Politics: Al Furat News} The former member of the Parliamentary Legal Committee, Hussein Al-Aqabi, described the federal budget for 2023 as “explosive”, while revealing a shocking reason for the resignation of the head of the National Investment Authority, Suha Al-Najjar.

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Al-Uqabi said; For the “Al-Mastra” program broadcast by Al-Furat satellite channel this evening: “After changing the exchange rate, the 2023 budget is sure to be explosive, and we expect its actual revenue to reach 120 billion dollars, equivalent to 160 trillion dinars, but the important thing is the mentality of dealing with the budget.”
He stressed, “the importance of changing the mentality of spending in the budget and moving away from the methodology of formulating our wrong budgets, and they must be based on the higher interests of the state and the real suffering of citizens and the vital investment and service sectors.”
Al-Uqabi added, “The current form of the budget is what the Iraqi state has been accustomed to for the past 100 years, and we hope to change it in terms of form and content. 90% of the budget value goes to useless expenses, 45% of salaries, 25% of social benefits, 15% of loan installments and interests, and 5% of subsidies.” “.
And he indicated that “the 2021 budget was dreamy and unrealistic, with loans of more than 56 percent, and our oil revenue in 2022 by 95 percent. If the oil price drops to half the current price, we will be unable to pay salaries,” stressing “the need to develop the tax and customs sectors to enhance oil revenues.”
Al-Uqabi pointed to “Iraq’s need for strategic planning to develop the productive sectors, and the oil revenues planned for the 21st budget are 20 trillion dinars, and the non-oil revenues are 12 trillion dinars.”
He added, “The negative effects of the decision to raise the exchange rate must be addressed, and employees who receive salaries of less than one million have been affected by raising the dollar, as well as those entitled to social assistance,” stressing “Iraq’s need for 125 billion dollars to complete the lagging projects.”
Al-Aqabi called for “structuring the state and placing power in the hands of national competencies capable of achieving, as some governors did not spend the money due to their inability to accomplish, and the necessity of limiting spending to vital sectors such as agriculture and industry, which need 5 years to reap the fruits of strategic investment plans.”
He continued, “The oil-producing governorates are suffering and the actual expenditure of petrodollars must be increased to address the negative effects of the projects. Previous governments failed to withhold these allocations, and educational and educational infrastructures were neglected over the past years, and the sums recycled for the development of the region can be invested centrally.”
Commenting on the resignation of the head of the National Investment Commission, Al-Uqabi concluded by saying, “Suha Al-Najjar had nothing to do with investment and she did not manage the commission, but other people appointed by the former prime minister and brought to certain accounts linked to the person of the prime minister.”


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