Al-Sadr thanks Plasschaert, warns the Security Council against Bahr al-Ulum, and agrees to dialogue on one condition

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 2022-10-04 12:58A-AA+

Shafaq News/ Today, Tuesday, the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, praised the briefing of the international representative, Jeanine Plaschaert, before the UN Security Council, warning the council against listening to the speech of the representative of Iraq, Muhammad Bahr al-Ulum, while he agreed to dialogue with the political blocs, provided that it is public.

Al-Sadr said in a tweet seen by Shafak News Agency, “I listened carefully to the session of the UN Security Council on Iraq. I have some comments on that: First: regarding the briefing of the United Nations representative, and it caught my attention in what she said: is that the main reason for what is happening in Iraq It is the corruption that everyone agrees on. Yes, this is very true and accurate, and the first step for gradual reform is the non-participation of the old faces, parties and people in the next government according to the aspirations of the reference and the aspirations of the rebellious people.”

He added, “We agree to dialogue if it is public and in order to exclude all participants in the previous political and electoral processes and to hold the corrupt accountable under the cover of an impartial judiciary. We also look forward to the assistance of the United Nations in this regard: I mean reform, albeit gradually.”

He continued, “I also support the words of the participants in the UN Security Council session regarding restraint, so I call for restraint and not to resort to violence and weapons from all parties, and to speedily punish the perpetrators without regard to their affiliations. In addition to what was raised about the problem of uncontrolled weapons outside The framework of the state, but the most important thing is that the uncontrolled weapons should not be within the framework of the state and its use against opponents and revolutionaries and in the consolidation of influence and the rooting of the deep state, especially since the current prime minister is subjected to enormous pressures in this regard even though he is the commander of the armed forces and the lack of response by some militants to him, even if they are within scope of the state.

He said, “We also commend the Security Council’s support for Iraq regarding the bombings it is subjected to from here and there.. Hence, we call on the dear neighboring countries to respect Iraq’s sovereignty and maintain its security and stability through diplomatic means or through dialogue. But I stand against the insistence of some members of the Security Council.” To form the government in Iraq.. Many governments have been formed, but they have harmed the homeland and the people. The aspirations of the people are to form a government far from corruption, dependency, militias, and foreign interference in order to be an independent and stable government that serves its people, not the interests of its parties and sects. O members, Iraq is going through its worst period because of corruption and the dominance of its parties in power. Rather, they may support them.

He explained, “I advise the Security Council not to listen to the statement made by the permanent representative of Iraq in this session, whose speech was wrong in most of what it contained with great regret,” calling on the United Nations representative to continue her neutral positions and not to take sides.


One thought on “Al-Sadr thanks Plasschaert, warns the Security Council against Bahr al-Ulum, and agrees to dialogue on one condition

  1. Sadr has the answer to fix it! Get rid of the corrupt. To do that , ALL and I mean ALL of the former political leaders MUST be changed. That way MOST of the corrupt will NOT BE IN POWER ! WE need to do the same thing here in the USA ! Clean HOUSE of the corrupt, which means , ALL of them. Lets START NEw and this time, Watch them AND when they mess up, CALL THEM ON IT , NOW !

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