The coordinating framework meets… and a deputy reveals: Determining the current month is the maximum limit for forming a government

  • Time: 03/10/2022 23:19:37
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The coordinating framework meets... and a deputy reveals: Determining the current month is the maximum limit for forming a government

  {Politics: Al-Furat News} The deputy in the coordination framework, Mueen Al-Kazemi, revealed that the current month has been set as the maximum limit for forming the new government.

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Al-Kazemi said; For the “Al-Mastra” program, broadcast by Al-Furat satellite channel tonight: “Within the framework, with the Kurds and the Sunni component, there is a dialogue about forming the government, and today there was a meeting for the framework and the period offered to resolve the formation of the government this October before it ends, and we hope that the framework will present its initiatives and flexibility in working with the current chest”.
He added, “There is talk about the possibility of the Sadrist movement’s participation in the new government, discussing the prime ministerial candidate, and forming technical committees outside Parliament to participate in the current, and so it is possible for a prime ministerial candidate to be presented and have a direct conversation with him. .
Al-Kazemi continued, “The framework meeting discussed the recent ongoing developments and a proposal on the Kurdish side was a consensual candidate between the two parties. Previously, Rashid proposed, and the solution to this dilemma could be an addition to the Kurds and Sunnis, a dialogue with Mr. Al-Sadr and the framework confirmed that it ensures that the Sudanese stand at the same distance from everyone.”
And he indicated, “The last parliament session took place with the approval of the Sadrist movement,” stressing “the Shiite house’s keenness to solve the problem of the Kurds in the position of the presidency.
Al-Kazemi added, “The mechanism for disbursing the food security law should be scrutinized, especially after the Speaker of Parliament invited the parliamentary committees to return to their work, and we made an argument against others by forming the government by discussion, and if a door for dialogue was not opened, we would be resolved by our pledge of allegiance and things would go on with life.”
He concluded by saying, “It is not correct to disrupt life, for this we are with dialogue, expressing opinions, dissolving parliament, holding elections, and the current’s participation in the current government and the technical committee to contribute with the parliament regarding legislation, and if it is rejected, the political process will proceed.”


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