A meeting between the framework and the Kurds in Baghdad.. and the eye of common interests looking towards tenderness


Today, Sunday, the leader in the coordination framework, Turki Al-Atbi, revealed the intention of the coordination framework to hold a meeting with the Kurdish forces in Baghdad next Tuesday.

Al-Otbi told (Baghdad Today), that “a delegation representing the Kurdish forces will visit Baghdad and hold a meeting with the coordination framework next Tuesday to discuss a number of issues, most notably the presidential candidate,” expressing his hope that “the candidate’s proposal will be expedited in order to decide the choice in the session.” Coming to Parliament.

He added, “The framework and the rest of the political forces are in agreement on the importance of the Sadrist movement’s participation in forming the next government, and our efforts in this direction are continuing,” noting that “the visit of the tripartite delegation (the framework – the Sunni forces – the Kurdish forces) to Hananah is still present and is awaiting the green light from To meet the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr.

He pointed out that “the next stage is very difficult in light of the exacerbation and overlapping of crises, which means that political stability is a necessity in order to support the government’s moves within the framework of finding solutions that address the critical conditions the country is going through, especially the economic and security file.”

Earlier, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan indicated that stagnation controls the decision of the presidential candidate between the two Kurdish parties.

The leader of the Union, Ghiath al-Sorji, said, “Dialogue and negotiation is still going on between the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and the Kurdistan Democratic Party, without reaching any final agreement on going to the presidential election session with one candidate.”

And he indicated that “the efforts are ongoing and continuous in order for the Kurdish political house to go in a unified manner to the session of electing the president of the republic through one candidate who represents everyone,” stressing that “the National Union is still insisting on the nomination of Barham Salih for a second term and does not have any alternative candidate for him.”



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