Al-Halbousi: My Resignation Came For These Reasons, And We Warn Against Dragging Disputes Outside Parliament

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Earth News/ Parliament Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi confirmed today, Thursday, that his resignation came to remove tension between his party and some other political forces.

Al-Halbousi said in a televised interview, followed by Earth News, that “the current parliament’s composition is completely different from the previous one, and the political steps are different from what they were in the past, and the forces forming the parliament are different as well.”

He added that “there are many reasons behind his resignation, including for the deputies to contribute to their opinion of who is their president, and the second issue is related to the nature of the relationship between the parties – especially between his party and its tense relationship with many political forces that affected the public and the social environment.”

He continued, “My resignation was not a message to Sadr that I am an ascetic in the position and the tripartite alliance ended with Sadr’s departure from Parliament and the coalition,” stressing that “no one can bypass the Sadrist movement in Iraq.”

He pointed out that “Parliament should return to its work, and the legislative authority through which the rest of the work is carried out should not be disrupted, as the absence of Parliament will push differences to other sites, and everyone should sit without preconditions.”

Al-Halbousi also stressed that “the framework candidate did not touch anything but positive and good intentions from him, and these matters will reflect positively on the situation in Iraq – and not on the basis of this position.

He explained that “Al-Sadr’s approval of the candidate will be of interest, and so far, none of the Sadrists have taken the initiative to accept the candidate or express an opinion on it.”

الحلبوسي: استقالتي جاءت لهذه الأسباب ونحذر من جر الخلافات خارج البرلمان


Al-Halbousi: There are no negative comments on Al-Sudani, and no one in Iraq can bypass the Sadrist movement

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Shafaq News / The Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, Muhammad al-Halbousi, confirmed on Thursday that there were deliberately negative comments on the candidate for the coordination framework for the prime minister, Muhammad Shiaa al-Sudani, while indicating that no one in Iraq can bypass the Sadrist movement.

Al-Halbousi said in a television interview, followed by Shafak News Agency, that “negotiations on forming the new Iraqi government began a few days ago,” noting that he proposed “consensus on (Baghdad Document) as an initiative to resolve the political crisis.”

He added, “There are objections about how to choose the prime minister candidate. Al-Sudani represents the current of the Shiite component, and we have the right to object or accept.”

Al-Halbousi pointed out that “the parliament is the appropriate place to discuss political differences, and it was necessary for the parliament to return to work.”

Regarding the Alliance to Save the Homeland, which includes the Kurdistan Democratic Party, the Alliance of Sovereignty and the Sadrist bloc, the parliament speaker pointed out that “the tripartite alliance ended as soon as al-Sadr left the parliament, but relations continue, and there is a good relationship with the Kurdistan Democratic Party.”

Regarding submitting a request to Parliament to vote on his resignation from the presidency of the Council, Al-Halbousi noted that “it was a personal decision that does not bear any interpretations.”

Regarding the US support for Iraq, Al-Halbousi said, “The stability of Iraq is not a priority for the current US administration. The US support for Iraq in the past period is more media than realistic.”

Setting a new date for an upcoming Kurdish meeting to resolve the presidency

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Setting a new date for an upcoming Kurdish meeting to resolve the presidency

A well-informed political source revealed, on Thursday, a new meeting of the leaders of the two Kurdish parties to be held next week to resolve the position of the Presidency of the Republic.
The source said in an interview with the “Information Agency”, that “a meeting will be held between the leaders of the two Kurdish parties, the National Union and the Democratic Party, to resolve the nomination of a Kurdish candidate for the presidency of the republic.”
He added, “It is likely that the meeting will be held next Saturday in Erbil between the leaders of the two parties, and the goal of the meeting is to come up with a joint candidate for the position of the presidency, and not to repeat the 2018 scenario, by going with two candidates for the position.”
He pointed out that “there is a possibility that all positions assigned to the Kurds will be put forward . and settle it in one basket.”
The deputy of the State of Law coalition, Muhammad al-Shammari, had called on the main Kurdish parties to resolve their issue regarding the candidate for the presidency of the republic in light of the return of parliament sessions to the rightful place. finished/ 25

The US ambassador denounces Wednesday’s events: Stop the violence to start a comprehensive dialogue

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Shafaq News/ The US Ambassador to Iraq, Alina Romansky, condemned on Thursday the events that took place yesterday, calling for a comprehensive dialogue.

Romansky said in a tweet to her on Twitter; “Yesterday should have been a day to congratulate Parliament Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi and First Deputy Speaker Mohsen al-Mandalawi, but it has become a day marred by random acts of violence.”

She added: “We condemn these attacks on the people and institutions of Iraq. The cycle of violence must stop so that Iraq can move forward towards a comprehensive dialogue.”