America and Britain: The “green events” cannot be allowed to happen again, and Iraq needs to form a government


 2022-09-28 12:09A-AA+

Shafaq News/ The American and British governments recalled, on Wednesday, the third anniversary of the “October Revolution”, and while they stressed that they would not allow the recurrence of the Green Zone events and armed clashes, they indicated that the only legitimate way to achieve reform is through constructive and comprehensive dialogue.

The US embassy said in a statement published on its official Facebook account and seen by Shafak News Agency, “With the approaching third anniversary of the October protest revolution in 2019, and nearly a year after the formation of the government after the recent early elections, the governments of the United Kingdom and the United States of America express expressing their solidarity with the Iraqi people and their support for their quest for democratic reform.

She added, “We are concerned that after several months of internal negotiations, Iraq is still without a government empowered to address the economic and governance turmoil that in turn ignited the Tishreen protest movement, which prompted early elections.”

The embassy continued, “The path to reform cannot be paved through violence, and the violence we witnessed on August 29 and 30 cannot be allowed to recur. The only legitimate way to achieve reform and form a government that responds to people’s needs is through constructive and inclusive dialogue.”

She called on all parties to “engage in a peaceful, legal and inclusive process with the aim of forming a government with full powers that can improve services, create job opportunities, enhance national unity and make the political system work better for all Iraqis.”

And she concluded, “In the end, this is an Iraqi affair. How to get out of this political impasse is up to the Iraqis only. But as friends, we urge all Iraqi parties to respect state institutions and allow them to work peacefully and effectively and reform the system so that it is fully accountable to the Iraqi people.”


One thought on “America and Britain: The “green events” cannot be allowed to happen again, and Iraq needs to form a government

  1. Early elections didn’t work a year ago, what makes THEM think it will work NOW ? The RESULTS of the election , did NOT transfer into the Government that the PEOPLE voted for! Sound familier.?


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