It includes 6 major forces.. The law announces the formation of a “state administration coalition” and defines its tasks

2,197 Policy  2022/09/24 20:36 
Baghdad today – Baghdad 

The State of Law coalition, led by Nuri al-Maliki, announced today, Saturday, the formation of a “state administration coalition” to form the new Iraqi government. 

The leader of the coalition, Adel Al-Manea, told “Baghdad Today”, “It was agreed to form a “state administration coalition”, which includes (the Coordination Framework, the Alliance of Resolve, the Alliance of Sovereignty, the Democratic Party, the National Union, the Babylon Bloc), as it includes the main political forces. in the political process. 

And Al-Manea indicated that “after forming this coalition, the issue of forming the new government was finally resolved by the agreement of the political majority, and the official announcement of this coalition will be on Sunday, or the day after tomorrow, Monday as a maximum.”

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