Democrat announces the solution of the “node”

  • Time: 09/24/2022 20:47:51
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Democrat announces the solution of the "node"

  {Politics: Al Furat News} The Kurdistan Democratic Party announced today, Saturday, that it has resolved the “node” of naming a candidate for the presidency with the Patriotic Union.

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The leader of the Democratic Party, Mahdi Abdul Karim told Al-Furat News: “We have reached with the National Union the final stages of political understandings and agreements, regarding the nomination of a personality acceptable by all parties, one for the position of the presidency.” 
He added, “The nomination of the candidate will be announced before the parliament session.” 
Abdul Karim stressed, “The Kurdish House resolved the knot that stood in the way of political understandings and constants, and that the pressure papers of each political party were capable of a solution, taking into account the type of dialogues that took place between the parties and according to a special system for the work of the Kurdish House.”

From: Raghad Daham


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