Al-Sadr renews the call to his followers to continue the reform process

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The Independent / – The leader of the “Sadrist Movement” Muqtada al-Sadr renewed, on Monday, his followers’ call to continue the reform process, and addressed them in a tweet via “Twitter”, saying: “Continue on reform, whatever happens.”

In a sign; Al-Sadr said: “I and my companions are neither easterners nor westerners, and no one will rule over us (Ibn al-Da’i) whoever he is.”

Some of them interpreted the phrase “Ibn al-Da’i” as an insistence by al-Sadr not to allow his Shiite opponents in the “coordinating framework” to form a new government and rule the country, while others saw it as a confirmation of the position of the “Sadr movement” to withdraw from Parliament and not return to it, after the Federal Court had determined The current date of September 28 is the date for considering the return of members of the Sadrist bloc (73 deputies) to Parliament after they withdrew from it at the request of al-Sadr last June.

The court’s setting a date to consider the possibility of returning to Parliament angered the Sadrists, and they were quick to deny their connection to the invitation made by lawyer Diaa Al-Din, God’s mercy, about two months ago.

Sadrist circles believe that their opponents seek to “fraud and distort the facts by saying that the Sadrists filed the lawsuit.” The leader of the “Sadr movement” Judge Mashreq Naji issued a clarification in which he said that the lawyer who filed the lawsuit “is not a representative of one of the resigned Sadrist bloc representatives.”

He added: “After filing a lawsuit related to the dissolution of the House of Representatives by the Secretary-General of the Sadrist bloc, and knowledge of this lawsuit, the lawyer was contacted at the time, and he was asked to withdraw and invalidate the lawsuit he filed so that trolls do not prey on murky water.”

He continued that «this (meaning the return of the Sadrists) is contrary to the directions of His Eminence Sayyid Muqtada al-Sadr, not to return the resigned Sadrist bloc deputies. The man expressed his understanding and consent to annul the lawsuit.” He concluded by saying: “Therefore; The resigned Sadrist bloc MPs, or any of them, have nothing to do with this lawsuit, and that it was filed in a personal capacity by one of the lawyers’ brothers, and not as some deceive their pages and websites to undermine (the current) and its leadership.

Salih Muhammad al-Iraqi, known as “Minister of al-Sadr,” said in mid-August to followers of the “current”: “It is strictly forbidden to demand the return of the Sadrist bloc to Parliament.”

Regardless of the Sadrist stance rejecting the lawsuit, some Iraqi political and popular trends welcome the Sadrists’ return to Parliament; Because limiting the political conflict between al-Sadr and his opponents in parliament is much better than extending the conflict to the street, as happened last weekend, when an armed clash took place between the “Sadrists” and their opponents from the “tyreenists” that led to dozens of deaths on both sides.

On the other hand, Agence France-Presse quoted the Iraqi Federal Integrity Commission as announcing, “The arrest of the security director of Maysan Governorate (east) in flagrante delicto inside his office after receiving a financial bribe after blackmailing and bargaining with citizens.”

In a statement, “the Commission” stated that it had received, through its “secret sources, information that the Director of National Security in Maysan bargained with the families of one of the accused in the investigative cases filed with the Directorate,” noting that “those sources confirmed the complainant’s request for a sum of money.”

She added, “Immediately upon receiving the information, I drew up a team from its investigation office in Maysan Governorate (…) as a tight ambush was set up to trap the accused (…) and he was caught red-handed for receiving the bribe.”

The “Integrity Commission” devices filmed the raid of the headquarters of the Security Directorate in Maysan and the arrest of the person concerned.

One thought on “Al-Sadr renews the call to his followers to continue the reform process

  1. These people are like a bunch of kids playing a game and all ways changing the rules. THEY NEED a DICTATOR to get them Back on the same page and THEN change the RULES !


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