The government comments on the possibility of restoring the dollar exchange rate and ending the currency auction – urgent

2,537 Economie 08/14/2022 22:53
Baghdad today – Baghdad
Today, Monday, the government’s economic advisor, Haitham al-Jubouri, ruled out taking any decision regarding the dollar’s exchange rate, indicating that the best solution lies in strengthening the national currency against the dollar.
Al-Jubouri said in a televised statement, which was followed by (Baghdad Today), that “the issuance of a decision regarding the exchange rate of the dollar to decrease or raise is excluded at the present time.”
He added, “The best solution to end the crisis of the devaluation of the dinar is the currency to strengthen the local currency, expand its activity and diversify its sources.”
And on the possibility of ending the currency auction, Al-Jubouri said that “the currency auction does not mean selling the dollar only, but also buying the dinar to give 10 trillion dinars for the benefit of state employees every month, which means that it cannot be dispensed with.”


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