Al-Fateh: Al-Amiri Negotiations Are Still Ongoing


08/07/2022 | 4:38 PM


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The representative of the Al-Fateh Alliance, Muhammad Al-Baldawi, confirmed, on Saturday, that the committee that was formed under the leadership of the head of the Al-Fateh Alliance Hadi Al-Amiri, will have its doors open to all political blocs.

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Al-Baldawi said in an interview with “The Information” that “the committee will take it upon itself to open difficult files in order to reach common denominators to proceed with forming the next government,” noting that “there are positions of some political blocs that were not positive in what was presented and the initiatives that came forward.” It has a coordinating framework for resolving the current crisis.”

He added, “The coordination framework formed the committee to find out the objections expressed by the rest of the political forces and to agree on a specific curriculum that would take the country to safety.”

He continued, “The Coordination Committee, since the first day it received the file to form the government, being the largest bloc, did not seek to marginalize or rob the right of the other bloc’s rights, unlike some blocs that sought to obstruct the framework in forming the government.”

The representative of the State of Law coalition, Jassem al-Moussawi, had previously spoken to the information that “negotiations are open with the Sadrist movement in order to agree to the framework candidate in exchange for the coordination’s concession on other matters to be agreed upon,” stressing that “the two parties have a desire to end the political blockage.” Happening. Ended 25/J

الفتح: مفاوضات العامري لازالت جارية

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