Because of the audio leaks .. A leader in the call calls for the dismissal of Al-Maliki from the party

political| 07:40 – 07/21/2022


Baghdad – Mawazine News

The leader of the Islamic Dawa Party, Ali Al-Alaq, called on Thursday for the dismissal of the party’s Secretary-General, Nuri Al-Maliki, and the abolition of this position, against the background of audio leaks attributed to the latter, while stressing the need to adhere to the approach of the supreme religious authority, Ali Al-Sistani, while the Dawa Party considered that Al-Alaq is not represent him.
Al-Alaq said in a statement that Mawazine News received a copy of it, “After the spread of the recent leaks, which, regardless of their validity or incorrectness, have harmed the Shiite reality in particular and Iraq in general, a great harm that requires all of us as advocates who care about the matter of the call and its fate, and calls from those who are currently facing the responsibility of the call in particular. Those who have assumed this responsibility and have to fulfill its fidelity before God and the righteous martyrs, the current preachers and the Iraqi people, to empty their debts of the responsibility entrusted to them and preserve for the call its prestige and its bright history and to prevent it from falling and falling into the quagmire of politics far from the constants and adoptions of Islam, or to be a bridge to personal dreams this or that preacher.
He added, “There are two paths before us, either completely rejecting and denying these leaks, or acquiescing in their authenticity and their occurrence in reality.
And Al-Alaq indicated, “On the first path, which is to reject and completely deny the leaks, what is required is to form a high-level committee that will be respected and accepted by others.”
He explained that the committee’s work “is to prove the invalidity of these leaks in a scientific, technical and technical way, using the highest expertise in this field, to convince others of their invalidity and open the door for a constructive dialogue to confront conspiracies targeting the Shiite reality in particular and Iraq in general.”
He stressed, “Maintaining national unity and the unity of the Shiite house, putting forward a major strategic project for building Iraq, deepening trust among its people, laying the foundations and constants for relations between entities and components, and setting controls to hold accountable the negligent and those working to confuse the arena and spread chaos in it, and consider the interest of Iraq, the people and religion above all special considerations.” “.
Al-Alaq continued, “The committee is working to bridge the rift by seeking to find rapprochement and reconciliation between the opposing parties, keeping the invitation away from personal mistakes and reassuring others that the invitation transcends targeting others and is above harming any of them. all.”
And he added, “If the committee was not able to prove the invalidity of these leaks and the matter turned to the second way, which is to submit to the validity and realism of the leaks, in this case an urgent corrective pause must be taken to establish the call that all preachers and those who oppose them in particular, first of all issue, by issuing a statement rejecting these statements and declaring that no Adopting the call for it, and that it does not represent its policy at all, and that it is the responsibility of the people who authorize it only and who bear its judicial responsibility.”
Al-Alaq concluded by saying, “The second matter is the holding of an urgent extraordinary conference for the call, in which the amendment of the internal system is proposed, the clause of the Secretary-General of the party is canceled and the responsibility is transferred to the collective leadership only, and the participation of all preachers in electing the new leadership and a new shura for the party, and the presentation of the call’s vision of the sober relationship with the blessed supreme reference represented by the supreme reference. Al-Sistani, firmly sticking to its approach and instructions and guided by the wise Islamic approach of the two martyrs, the two references, the martyr Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr and the martyr Muhammad Sadiq al-Sadr, and rebuilding strong relations with all parties to the arena, especially the Shiite ones, and dealing on the basis of high flexibility and selflessness to achieve the higher interests of the Iraqi people.
In turn, the media office of the Islamic Dawa Party responded, in a statement received by Mawazine News, in which he said, “Some social media circulated a statement issued by Mr. His personal view of the recent fabricated media leaks, so he deserves to be noted. Ended 29/R77