Al-Kazemi: Iraq is stronger than it was before and stands with greater confidence on the international stage and draws its own footsteps

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 2022-07-13 12:10A-AA+

Shafaq News/ The Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi confirmed on Wednesday that Iraq today is stronger than it was before and stands with greater confidence in the international stage, indicating that he is drawing his own pace, locally, regionally and internationally.

Al-Kadhimi said in an article published in the “Foreign Policy” magazine and distributed by his media office, “When US President Joe Biden arrives in the Middle East this week, he will reach a region that faces many challenges, such as terrorism, food security, and climate change. But the Middle East today A region facing these challenges with a group of leaders seeking positive change.”

“I will represent a recovering Iraq that stands with greater confidence on the international stage and is stronger than it has been since President Biden’s last visit in 2016, or even when we met in the Oval Office last year,” he added.

Al-Kadhimi continued, “The United States has played a major role in supporting Iraq over many years, and we are grateful for the help and sacrifices that the Americans made to support us,” explaining that “Iraq is drawing its own footsteps today, locally, regionally and internationally.”

He pointed out that “what I hope Biden realizes after our meeting in Saudi Arabia on Friday is my personal determination, and the determination of the Iraqi people to solve Iraq’s problems through Iraqi solutions.”

And he indicated that “Iraq is now a multi-party and multi-ethnic constitutional democracy. Yes, we are still in the protracted process of forming a new government after the elections last fall. The formation of the government took a long time, and it really raised the frustration of many inside and outside Iraq.”

Al-Kadhimi added, “I share that sentiment, but I am also proud of the state’s ability to continue to serve Iraqi citizens, protect our natural resources, and play a leadership role in regional initiatives that enhance prosperity and security.”

The Iraqi prime minister said, “Nearly two decades have passed since the elections, which is a great evidence of the extent to which democracy has consolidated in Iraq after more than three decades of Saddam’s brutal dictatorship. And this is a success story that cannot be overlooked.”

He pointed out that “the political difficulties that result from the elections are an example of the confused conditions that democracy sometimes produces, and confirm the need to consolidate the principles of democracy in Iraqi public life, and to ensure its sustainability in a way that is not limited to the ballot boxes.”

He pointed out that “the path towards a successful democracy requires time, will and leadership, and with us standing on our two feet after the expulsion of ISIS from our land, we are able today to look towards better prospects, as our country is no longer a passive member of the international community; we are now active at the regional and international levels, including This includes the initiative to host a multilateral summit aimed at strengthening regional cooperation and stability.

Al-Kazemi added, “Last year, Iraq hosted the Baghdad Conference for Cooperation and Partnership with the leaders of Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, France, Qatar, Kuwait, and Egypt, with the participation of ministers from Turkey, the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

He explained that “the conference discussed security, economic, and environmental issues whose solutions require goodwill, sincere participation, and cooperation between countries, through these and other initiatives, we were able to play a positive role in the region,” stressing that “this is evidence of my government’s commitment not to spare Efforts to achieve stability in our country and the region.

He continued, “While we seek to calm tensions by bringing the various parties together, we also strongly support respect for the sovereignty of each country and the necessity of non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries,” explaining that “our relationship with the United States has witnessed a change for the better, and while our historical cooperation revolves around the Security and combating terrorism, the relationship is now expanding to include other equally important societal challenges, such as: economy, energy, climate change, environment, health, education, and culture.


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