The Democrat responds to the Coordinator regarding the presidency: Al-Sadr “divided you in two” and we will abide by our pledges with the National

political| 06:54 – 05/07/2022


Special – Mawazine News
, the Kurdistan Democratic Party responded, on Tuesday, to the decisions of the coordination framework that were issued after a meeting yesterday at the home of the leader of the State of Law coalition, Nuri al-Maliki, regarding the selection of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan candidate for the post of President of the Republic.
Democratic Party member Wafaa Karim said in an exclusive interview with Mawazine News Agency, that the coordinating framework is committed to humanitarian commitments with the National Union, as they met before the resignation of the Sadrist movement’s deputies and formed the blocking third of Parliament, but al-Sadr’s last tweet divided the framework into two parts.
He added that the first section is consistent with the tweet because they believe that without the blessing of the Sadrist movement, no government can succeed, and this section will open the National Union by replacing its candidate.
He continued, as for the other section, who represent the state of law, they will maintain their agreement on supporting the candidate of the National Union in all cases without changing the name.
He added that after the Eid holiday there will be a meeting between the PYD and the Democratic Party to resolve this issue.
Karim pointed out that some decisions are tantamount to feeling the pulse.
Yesterday, Monday, the coordination framework called on the Kurdish forces to resolve the presidential candidate.
The framework statement said, “Mawazine News” received a copy of it, that “the coordination framework held its periodic meeting this evening, in the presence of all the leaders and heads of the political blocs affiliated with it, and during the meeting, many developments in the political arena were reviewed, and the latest developments and issues related to the procedures for forming the largest parliamentary bloc and the work of The committees recently formed by the framework related to the ongoing dialogues with the political forces, preparing the government program that meets the aspirations of the Iraqi people, defining criteria and mechanisms for selecting the prime minister and ministers in proportion to the importance and sensitivity of the stage, and setting decisive times for that.
The participants stressed, according to the statement, “the importance of stabilizing the political process through the formation of a harmonious government capable of meeting the demands of all Iraqis without exception.”
The leaders of the framework called on the Kurdish forces to “unify their efforts and work to resolve the presidential candidate for the purpose of completing the rest of the constitutional benefits.” Ended 29/R77

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