The Highlights Of What Happened Between Al-Kazemi And The Special Representative Of The World Bank In Iraq

07/04/2022 20 

Earth News/ Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi received today, Monday, the Special Representative of the World Bank in Iraq, Ramzi Noman, on the occasion of the end of his work.

The meeting witnessed, according to a statement by the Prime Minister’s Media Office, received by Earth News, “a review of the challenges facing the countries of the region in the fields of energy production and climate change.”

Al-Kazemi valued “the role played by the World Bank in supporting the reform directions implemented by the government, especially when the consultations are consistent with the Iraqi conditions and understand the Iraqi economic specificity,” and pointed out that “the government is determined to move forward with reforms; In order to provide better livelihoods for the Iraqi people.”

The Prime Minister stressed that the reform efforts adopted by the government have begun to bear tangible results through the economic indicators published by international organizations, and His Excellency renewed his confidence in the promising economic future of Iraq, which will be led by the younger generations.

For his part, Ramzi Numan expressed his “appreciation for the efforts of the Iraqi government in the field of economic reform, and its ability to implement it despite the difficult challenges, and he also praised the Iraqi efforts in the field of achieving regional economic integration in partnership with the rest of the countries in the region, which ultimately serves the Iraqi interest.”

أبرز ما دار بين الكاظمي والممثل الخاص للبنك الدولي في العراق

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