State of law: The framework will pressure the Kurds on the presidency and will vote for this candidate

political| 07:30 – 04/07/2022


Special – Mawazine News
The State of Law coalition revealed, on Monday, the outcomes of its meeting on Sunday headed by Nuri al-Maliki, while pointing to the direction of the coordinating framework to put pressure on the Kurds regarding the presidential candidate.
In an exclusive interview with Mawazine News, coalition member Kazem al-Haidari said that the meeting stressed the need for common spaces with other parties, which would lead to a consensus that would lead to the formation of the government.
He stressed that the doors of the coordination framework are open to everyone who shares his vision for the next stage, and that the framework does not put any barrier between him and any other political party.
Al-Haidari continued, that committees have been formed that work on several axes and practices, including pressure on the Kurds to present their candidate and to agree after the Eid holiday because the obstruction is now in the Presidency of the Republic because it requires the presence of 220 deputies.
However, if there is no agreement on one Kurdish candidate, the Kurdish party will enter with two candidates, and the framework will go to vote on the Kurdistan Union candidate in all cases.
Al-Haidari pointed out that so far, no name has been proposed for the position of prime minister, and that everything is circulating in order to burn the name before it is put forward, and that the framework is currently looking at the lines and conditions of the prime minister to take over the position during the next stage. Ended 29/R77

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