“Minister of Al-Sadr” threatens the frame: Tomorrow will soon be seen

politicsSaleh Mohammed Al IraqiMinister of Al-Sadr

 2022-07-01 15:58A-AA+

Shafaq News/ Saleh Muhammad al-Iraqi, who is known as “Minister of al-Sadr”, put on Friday ten new reasons for the withdrawal of the Sadrist movement’s leader Muqtada al-Sadr from the political process, while the coordinating framework vowed to say, “Tomorrow will see it soon.”

The Minister of Al-Sadr said in a tweet seen by Shafak News Agency, “Most of the Shiite political blocs were affiliated with (the Al-Sadr family), if we did not say all of them, so we offered them a candidate for prime minister, the son of their reference and their martyr, and they rejected him.”

He added, “Those politicians or all of al-Sadr thought well of them… they betrayed him and supported others, and some might imagine that his decision to withdraw was to hand Iraq over to the corrupt and consensual.

Al-Sadr’s minister clarified that “our return to the elections after the withdrawal was for two important things: the first: normalization, and this has been criminalized. The second: the criminalization of obscenity: (homosexuals). Let’s see what they do?! Will they pass a new and detailed law, especially with the escalation of pressures?” Western colonialism against his opponents!?.”

He explained, “Our withdrawal is to embarrass the opponents who have protested against the elections because they are rigged. Will they continue to form a government from fraudulent elections?! What will its legitimacy be!???!.. Will they agree with the normalizers and the Emiratis!?.. Will the missiles reach Anbar and Erbil? And also to reveal the claimant of belonging to the October revolution?! .. Who was the decision to withdraw the leader al-Sadr from the political process as a withdrawal for them from the revolution and the demonstration and the storming of Anbar and the like.. Some of them even turned the goal of the demonstrations to support the consensus government.

And he continued, “If Al-Sadr remained insistent on forming a majority government, this would have lasted for several months or more. So what would the reaction of the blocs, the people and others would be!!?.. Perhaps this reminds us of the 8 months that Al-Sadr delayed the arrival of (the leader of necessity) ) to the Prime Minister.. so they put the accusations against his Eminence and accused him of personal enmity and harming the people.”

He explained, “Many thought that demanding a majority government was a political struggle for power… We were never students of authority, but among you listened to lies,” noting that “the withdrawal brought Shiite alternatives… Will it be the beginning of the strength of the sect?! The suspicious one? Or will the Dora refinery be stolen as the Baiji refinery was stolen before!??



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