Coordination framework: If the Kurds do not come out with one candidate for the presidency, the National Union is the closest to us

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 2022-07-01 08:14A-AA+

Shafaq News/ The coordination framework, which includes Shiite political forces, renewed its call for the two main parties in the region to reach an agreement to come out with one candidate for the post of President of the Republic, at a time when a deputy from the Kurdistan Democratic bloc confirmed his party’s adherence to the post of President of Iraq.

“We hope that the Kurdish forces will enter the voting session on the president of the republic with one candidate who is distinguished by patriotism and is able to bear and adopt the issues of the country and the people as a whole away from partisanship and nationalism, and to gain political acceptance in Parliament.”

Chihod renewed the framework’s call for the two Kurdish parties, “the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Patriotic Union” to reach final understandings and come up with one agreed candidate and push the candidate to the voting session.

However, he added that “in the event that there is no agreement on one candidate and the nomination of two or more personalities for the position of President of the Republic, the candidate closest to the vote will be from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, because of our association with the Union with a prior strategic alliance.”

In addition, the Kurdistan Democratic Party renewed its adherence to the position of President of the Republic, and that there were extensive understandings and discussions between the Democratic Union and the Union to resolve the crisis of the Presidency of the Republic, according to the party’s deputy, Mahma Khalil.

In his interview with Shafaq News Agency, Khalil refused to reveal more details of the talks between the two Kurdish parties, and said that “the party’s central leadership is in charge of this file and we will abide by any decision it comes out with.”

Last February, the Kurdistan Democratic Party announced the candidacy of the region’s interior minister, Reber Ahmed, for the presidency of the Iraqi republic.

According to the political custom followed throughout the previous sessions, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan has held the position of President of the Republic since the overthrow of the previous regime in 2003.

But in terms of numbers, the fact that the Kurdistan Democratic Party won 31 parliamentary seats in the recent legislative elections, compared to only 17 seats for the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, may reverse the equation this time.

The Democratic Party says that the Union nominated Saleh for the position without the consent of the rest of the Kurdish forces, which prompted him to put forward a candidate from his side to fill the position.

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