A Leader In Law: Important Understandings Will Be Announced Next Week


LAST UPDATE 07/01/2022 | 4:25 PM


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Information / Baghdad
The leader of the State of Law coalition, Turki Al-Atabi, confirmed on Friday that important understandings will be announced next week.
Al-Otbi said in an interview with Al-Information, that “the meetings of the coordination framework with representatives of several political forces during the past days have produced positive results at various levels due to a comprehensive agreement that the political blockage must be resolved and pushing for the formation of a consensual national government that contributes to solving the country’s problems.”
Al-Atabi expected, “Important understandings will be announced next week, especially since the movement towards the intensive meetings has not stopped and there is continuous communication between the important political forces in the Iraqi scene.”
He pointed out that “the formation of the government will not be delayed according to his vision, especially since the recent understandings have cut half the way towards resolving the outstanding issues.”
The coordination framework is leading an important political movement in order to accelerate the pace of forming the next government.” Ended on February 25

قيادي في القانون: تفاهمات مهمة سيتم الاعلان عنها الاسبوع القادم

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