urgentThe Gulf Union voted unanimously to host Basra for the 25th Gulf Cup

  • Time: 06/30/2022 11:29:14
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The Gulf Union voted unanimously to host Basra for the 25th Gulf Cup

  {Sports: Al Furat News} The Gulf Football Association agreed today, Thursday, to hold the 25th Gulf Cup in the city of Basra, southern Iraq.

This came in the meeting, which was held this morning, Thursday, on the Zoom platform, with a main management from Qatar.

The members of the Gulf Federation voted unanimously on Iraq to host the 25th Gulf Cup early next year, and it was decided to hold the tournament in Basra on the sixth of January of next year.

The approval came after reviewing all the committee’s visits, and making sure that all facilities in Basra are ready to host the tournament.

For his part, Adnan Darjal, president of the Iraqi Football Association, welcomed the decision of the Gulf Federation to hold the next edition of the Arab Gulf Cup in the city of Basra, stressing in statements transmitted by the federation’s media office, that Iraq is ready to host the Gulf event.

He expressed his gratitude for the brothers’ confidence in granting Basra the right to host after years of preparations at all levels.



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