Among them, it is related to the Presidency of the Republic.. The coordination framework reveals the details of its meeting with the Union and its determination

Among them, it is related to the Presidency of the Republic.. The coordination framework reveals the details of its meeting with the Union and its determination

The coordination framework revealed the outcomes of the National Stability Alliance meeting.The Media Committee of the Coordination Framework stated in a statement, “The National Stability Alliance held its meeting this evening, and during the meeting a number of files were discussed, the most important of which are:1/ The (Al-Azm) alliance has returned and united again, as well as Thabet Al-Abbasi, head of the Hasm bloc, Muthanna Al-Samarrai, head of the Azm bloc, and Ahmed Al-Jubouri (Abu Mazen), head of the masses bloc, and they are representatives of the (Sunni component) within (national stability), meaning the return of Sunni balance as was previously.2/ The framework and determination encouraged the brothers in the Kurdistan Union to reach an understanding with the Democrat in agreeing on the candidate for the presidency of the republic, while emphasizing the commitment to support the decision of the Kurdistan Union in the event of disagreement.The vote will be in favor of the Union candidate if the Kurds do not agree on one candidate.3 / The presence of Babylon (the representative of the Christian component) and their affirmation of their full commitment to all the decisions of the meeting so that the national fabric would be integrated (the largest component being the Shiites represented by the framework and those with it, the Kurdish component (the union and those with it of the independents, the Sunni component (the resolve) which is a large and solid alliance that exceeds Its number is two-thirds of the parliament’s seats (and among them there are great understandings, and they can proceed with the political process and overcome all obstacles and challenges).4/ It is necessary not to waste time and expedite the formation of the government in the shortest possible period5 / Giving priority in paying attention to the rest of the other components, such as the Shabak, Turkmen and Yazidis, and not only paying attention to the three well-known components6/ Starting from now on writing the government program, provided that it is not theoretical and lengthy, but rather focuses on important topics that are the source of people’s needs, and not to diverge in many details that waste the basic requirements.Disclaimer: All published articles represent the opinion of its authors onlyبينها-يتعلق-برئاسة-الجمهورية-الإطار-ا/

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