Member of the Democratic Party: We have passed important strides with the National Union, and the final decision will be issued soon

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Member of the Democratic Party: We have passed important strides with the National Union, and the final decision will be issued soon

  {Politics: Al-Furat News} A member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Wafa Muhammad Karim, revealed that the two Kurdish parties have made important strides in negotiation, and the final decision will be issued soon.

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Karim said; The (Unannounced) program broadcast by Al-Furat satellite channel on Tuesday evening said: “The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and the Kurdistan Democratic Party are close to achieving the blocking third, and dialogues are continuing between the Democrat and the Alliance of Sovereignty to unify their positions.”
He pointed out, “The insistence of the Patriotic Kurdistan on its candidate for the presidency of the republic prevented the unification of the Kurdish house to come up with a settlement that satisfies both parties, and we now have a negotiating committee with the political blocs, which will resolve the matter. There are preconditions and we hope to obtain guarantees so that previous mistakes are not repeated.”
Karim waved, to “the conditions of the democratic majority, the obtaining of blessing, and the integration of the popular crowd into the security institution, and there are other important points. As for the peshmerga, it follows the commander-in-chief of the armed forces in the Kurdistan region, according to the constitution.”
He stated that “the National and the Democratic Party have gone a long way through understandings, and we have many strides to overcome the crisis. The region’s common challenges are more important than the position of the President of the Republic.” .
Karim concluded, “The negotiating committee will issue the final decision after several days, including what concerns the presidential candidate.”

Barzani and a US military delegation discuss developments in the security situation in Iraq

06/21/2022 20:04

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Baghdad / Obelisk: The Senior Military Adviser and US Military Attache to Iraq, General Case Phillips, affirmed to the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Masrour Barzani, on Tuesday, June 21, 2022, that the reforms are a strong reason to continue supporting the Kurdistan Peshmerga.

 The regional government statement said that Barzani received General Phillips, who headed a US military delegation on the occasion of the end of his work.

The statement indicated that the two sides discussed the latest developments regarding the security situation in Iraq.

The discussion took place on confronting ISIS terrorists and terrorism in general, in addition to discussing the importance of strengthening coordination and cooperation between the Peshmerga and the Iraqi army.

Barzani thanked the United States for its support and assistance to the Peshmerga forces, and wished General Phillips success in his future missions.

The Senior Adviser and Military Attache in Iraq affirmed that the reforms are a strong reason to continue cooperation and support of allies, especially America, in order to enhance the capabilities of the Kurdistan Peshmerga forces, praising the leadership role of the Prime Minister and his tireless efforts to move forward with the reform process in the Ministry of Peshmerga.

The framework meets the delegation of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Baghdad: they discussed the withdrawal of Al-Sadr

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Shafaq News/ The negotiating delegation of the Kurdistan Democratic Party held a meeting on Tuesday with the leaders of the Shiite coordination framework in the capital, Baghdad.

An informed source told Shafaq News Agency, “The two sides discussed political developments after the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, withdrew from the political process and his bloc’s representatives submitted their resignations from the Iraqi parliament.”

Yesterday, Sunday, Parliament Speaker Muhammad Al-Halbousi signed the Diwaniyah orders regarding the resignation of the Sadrist bloc’s deputies from Parliament, where he signed an order to disband his first deputy, Hakim Al-Zamili, in addition to more than 70 Diwaniyah orders ending the Sadrist bloc’s relationship with Parliament.

On June 13, Al-Sadr directed the Sadrist bloc’s deputies in the Iraqi parliament to hand over their resignations to the speaker of the parliament, Muhammad al-Halbousi, while he thanked his allies in the “Save the Homeland” coalition and informed them that they “are in a solution.”

Barzani’s party hits with the hammer the difficult conditions on the dialogue table with the framework

06/21/2022 15:00

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Baghdad / Obelisk: Analyzes heard by the Obelisk considered that the strong-worded statements made by the leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Massoud Barzani, against the federal government in Baghdad aimed at pressuring the political forces to win more gains in the government formation talks.

According to the analyzes, Barzani’s party began threatening the political forces by tracing the path of the Sadrist movement to withdraw from Parliament unless it obtains its conditions in oil, the budget and the disputed areas.

Barzani’s statements seemed to be related to the outstanding files between Baghdad and Erbil, some of which are chronic files, whether with regard to Article 140, or the oil dispute that the Federal Court decided on the illegality of the region’s sale of oil away from the federal authority.

The Kurdish statements carry political messages to the forces of the coordination framework, which intends to form the next government after al-Sadr’s withdrawal, as Barzani believes that the government cannot be formed without him.

In statements stressing the coordination framework, the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Masrour Barzani, said that the missile attacks on Baghdad and Erbil are a kind of pressure on the Sadrist movement to withdraw from the tripartite alliance.

And the observer of political affairs, Ahmed Al-Hajami, believes that Al-Sadr’s allies either remain strong or be under the will of the framework, considering that Barzani veto the draft framework on difficult conditions, including the failure of the framework to take any provocative step for Al-Sadr.


Iraq achieves the highest revenue in the history of oil export

06/21/2022 14:16

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Baghdad / Obelisk: The Oil Marketing Company (SOMO) announced, on Tuesday, June 21, 2022, achieving the highest revenues in the history of Iraqi oil export, while it expected oil prices to remain within the range of 115 dollars per barrel until the end of this year.

The director of market research at SOMO, Muhammad Saadoun, said: “We live within high prices, and so far have achieved the highest revenues in the history of Iraqi oil exports by about 11 billion dollars for the past month, and we expect these rates to continue,” noting that “indicators show the survival of international oil prices. This year, it is around $115.

Saadoun added: “We are in the third quarter of this year, and prices will witness more support and will stabilize during the next three months,” noting that “the oil market is witnessing a challenge due to the Russian-Ukrainian war, which affected the market because Russia is one of the major oil producing and exporting countries, and the European embargo. It will remain and may affect the European market, and from this aspect, agencies expect a decrease in Russian oil production estimated between one and a half million, and this means that oil supplies lose this number, and there is another aspect, which is that this conflict affected economic growth and this is reflected in demand expectations. “.

He pointed out that “most of the international energy agencies have revised their price forecasts and increased these expectations from $95 to 120 to be the expected price for 2022, and to 115 for major international banks, and some companies expected it to reach $150 in light of the current stockpile being at its lowest levels.” He pointed out that “the decision of the European Union to impose an embargo on Russian oil will be directly reflected in the expected revenues for the year 2023, which extend to 2024, with an increase to 120 dollars, and this is a large number.”


Coinciding with the parliament session… a meeting of the Shiite framework and allies to agree on forming the government


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Shafaq News/ An informed political source revealed today, Tuesday, the intention of the leaders of the Shiite coordination framework and the forces allied with it to hold a meeting in conjunction with the upcoming parliament session to agree on forming the new government.

The source told Shafaq News Agency, that an upcoming meeting will be held by the leaders of the coordination framework to initiate the formation of the government, noting that “the date of the meeting will be on the same day as the parliament session, that is, the day after tomorrow, Thursday, June 23 this year.”

The source explained, “The meeting will be attended by the leaders of the framework and allied with them to agree on the formation of the government.”

The Iraqi parliament decided to hold an extraordinary session next Thursday.

Shafak News Agency learned, earlier, that a meeting of the Shiite coordination framework discussed ways to “hold an emergency session of the House of Representatives, which includes voting to resolve the replacements of the Sadrist bloc’s deputies, and taking the constitutional oath of the new deputies.”