The framework suggests that the current will return and reveal the latest developments in the talks with its traditional rival

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Baghdad today – Baghdad
The coordination framework revealed, on Friday, the existence of political negotiations between it and the Sadrist movement to return the resigned deputies within the movement to Parliament, stressing that the movement is a key partner in the political process and the possibility of its return to the political process still exists.
The leader in the framework, Kazem al-Haidari, said in an interview with (Baghdad Today) that “it is possible that the Sadrist movement will reverse the decision to resign in the coming days.”

He added, “There are efforts by political forces to dissuade the current from the decision to resign from parliament and return to the political process again because the movement is an important partner in the political scene.”
He continued, “Previous withdrawals of the Sadrist movement from the political process took place several times and were retracted,” noting that “the movement’s leader Muqtada al-Sadr seems insistent this time, but returning and reversing the decision to withdraw is not impossible.”

The Central Bank of Iraq: We launched 17 trillion dinars of development initiatives

Central Bank Governor Mustafa Ghaleb scary



Economy News – Baghdad

The Governor of the Central Bank, Mustafa Ghaleb Mikhaif, announced that the Central Bank has launched development initiatives that exceeded 17 trillion dinars so far.

A statement by the Central Bank, received by Al-Iqtisad News, said, “The Central Bank of Iraq organized, today, Thursday, in cooperation with the ministries of environment, agriculture and water resources, the Association of Iraqi private banks and the private sector, a specialized workshop on climate change, desertification and national security. “

The Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Mustafa Ghaleb, said during a speech at the opening of the workshop, that climate change, desertification and water shortage represent a frightening trinity that has introduced humanity and its official and societal bodies to the utmost caution and caution because it threatens its national security and the future of its generations, but also its present .

He added, that the Central Bank of Iraq has intervened through financial facilitation measures and development initiatives, the total of which has exceeded (17) trillion so far, pointing out that when we studied with the Ministry of Environment the risks of climate change and heat emissions, we decided to face challenges related to clean energy and sustainability, and we also launched an initiative to finance the purchase of units Generating electricity from renewable energy at an amount of (1) trillion dinars .

In turn, the ministers praised during the workshop the initiatives of the Central Bank of Iraq and the support it gives towards a green economy, reviewing the danger of climate changes to the future of Iraq and the countries of the world, stressing the need to combat those climate changes by investing in the environmental aspect .

At the conclusion of the workshop, a number of recommendations were established, most notably the need for cooperation of all government institutions and the private sector to confront the risks of climate change and desertification, raise awareness of taking official and societal measures, encourage the public to switch to using sources of electricity generation from renewable energy, and provide the necessary financial support to all sectoral ministries in order to Rationalization of water uses .

A number of ambassadors of Arab and foreign countries and representatives of international institutions, in addition to representatives of ministries and some governorates and directors of relevant authorities, participated in the workshop .

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The Secretary General of OPEC arrives in Iraq

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BAGHDAD – Mawazine News
The Secretary-General of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries “OPEC” Muhammad Barikendo arrived in Baghdad today, Friday.
And the Ministry of Oil stated in a statement, “Barrikendo arrived to participate in the launch of the OPEC history book in a celebration to be held in the People’s Hall in Baghdad next Sunday, with the participation of the Minister of Oil and a number of officials, guests and those interested in the oil affairs and the energy sector.”
It is noteworthy that the book’s launch ceremony comes within the framework of the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the organization’s founding in Baghdad. Ended 29 / h

Najaf Friday sermon: Iraq is close to forming a government and crossing the political stalemate

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Shafaq News/ The Imam and Friday preacher of Najaf, Sadr Al-Din Al-Qabbanji, said that Iraq is close to forming the new federal government, and crossing the political blockage that the country has witnessed since the early legislative elections in 2021.

In his sermon, Al-Qabbanji touched on a set of points, saying that it is one of the “priorities of forming the government, which is that it be a government of participation by all and without exclusion, and a government that relies on competencies before favoritism, is far from foreign affiliations and works on the interests of the nation and the people before others.”

In another aspect of the sermon, Al-Qabbanji warned against exploiting the politically demanding demonstrations that are taking place in a number of governorates to demand the rights of lecturers and graduates and to demand the provision of water.

The Kurdistan Democratic Party Sets A Date For Resolving Its Position Regarding The Developments Of The Political Process


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Today, Friday, a member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Mahdi Abdul Karim, said that the party will decide its position on the political process in the next few days, after holding a meeting with the Sovereignty Alliance, pointing out that the file of the Presidency of the Republic is still not settled.

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Abdul Karim told Al-Maalouma that “discussions and dialogues are still ongoing between the Democratic Party and the National Union on many files, including the Presidency of the Republic, as discussions continue between the two parties to solve problems, one of which is related to this position.”

He added that “the file of the Presidency of the Republic is still not settled between the Democratic Party and the National Union, as the matter in this matter is left to the leadership of the party in order to resolve it in the coming days.”

And he indicated that “the Democratic Party, following the changes in the political equation after the withdrawal of the Sadrist bloc, will have a position during the next few days after the meeting of the parties of the Sovereignty Alliance in order to come up with a unified position regarding the political process.” finished 25

الديمقراطي الكردستاني يحدد موعد حسم موقفه إزاء تطورات العملية السياسية