The National Union reveals the reason for Talabani’s visit to Baghdad: to end the dispute between the framework and the current

06/07/2022 22:06

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Baghdad/The Obelisk: The representative of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Hassan Ali, affirmed, on Tuesday, June 7, 2022, the continuation of his alliance with the partnership with the coordination framework.

Ali said in an interview followed by the obelisk that the visit of the President of the National Union, Bafel Talabani, to Baghdad and his meeting with the leaders of the framework, came to confirm the strong partnership with them, and that the recent Kurdish rapprochement does not target anyone.

He added that the National Union has always been with dialogue and negotiations and we are with the unification of the Shiite house, and we are not with one party against another party at all, and we want to end the dispute between the framework and the current, and the formation of a consensual government.

 The coordination framework had received the delegation of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan headed by Bafel Talabani in Baghdad, and the two sides reviewed the developments in the political and security situation in the country, as well as the ongoing dialogues between the political forces on forming the government.

The two sides stressed the importance of serious communication between all parties to end the state of political blockage that the political process suffers from at the present time, and to expedite the formation of a government that preserves the rights of Iraqis away from exclusion and marginalization.

Al-Halbousi discusses with the new US ambassador to Iraq the support of the Iraqi forces

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Shafaq News/ Parliament Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi received today, Tuesday, the US ambassador to Iraq, Alina Romanowski, on the occasion of the assumption of her new duties.

A statement from Al-Halbousi’s office stated to Shafak News Agency; The meeting discussed bilateral relations, and ways to enhance cooperation and partnership between the two friendly countries, which will reflect positively on both peoples, and stress the importance of supporting the Iraqi forces in facing the challenges of terrorism according to the principles of the strategic dialogue, wishing the new ambassador success and success in performing her duties.

For her part, Ambassador Romanowski affirmed the United States’ aspiration for closer cooperation with Iraq in various fields, stressing her country’s continued support for Iraq in all fields. To achieve security and stability, according to the statement.

The World Bank (officially apologizes) to Iraq

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On Monday, the Special Representative of the World Bank Mission in Iraq, Ramzi Numan, presented an “official apology” to the Ministry of Education for a “mistake” contained in a bank report regarding Iraqi students.

And the Ministry of Education said in a statement, “The Minister of Education, Ali Hamid Al-Dulaimi, received the Special Representative of the World Bank Mission in Iraq, Ramzi Noman, and the file of the report published by the latter and its non-positive repercussions on the educational process was discussed, in the presence of Lamia Ayoub / Director of World Bank Operations and Assistant Director-General for Relations Cultural Affairs in the Ministry, Raad Attia.

The statement quoted Al-Dulaimi as saying that “the report relied on the evaluation of the second and third grade students of adolescent schools in accelerated education, and not on regular students,” noting that “the size of the many reproaches and fallacies included in the report about the reality of education in Iraq is inaccurate and has nothing to do with the truth.” .

The Minister of Education was astonished that “the author of the “Trankel” organization (five) used criteria that could never be used on primary and secondary school students, but rather applied to advanced levels of study, such as the university stage.”

For his part, the Special Representative of the World Bank Mission in Iraq, Ramzi Noaman, “expressed his words of official apology to the Ministry of Education in general and to educational and teaching bodies in particular for the error contained in the report,” noting that “the aforementioned report was prepared by the author of the “Trankel” organization. and does not represent the view of the World Bank in this regard.

Noaman stressed, according to the statement, that “the World Bank will remain the faithful partner of the Ministry of Education in achieving the sustainable development goals.”

The statement added, “The meeting ended with the minister’s speech, saying: The Ministry of Education is keen to continue its relationship with the international bodies supporting it, in order to implement the work map of the priorities of the education development agenda in Iraq, and the contribution that the World Bank can make to achieve future plans and invest human energies.” Which leads to positive results that serve the reality of the country.”

A new joint statement.. The two main parties in the Kurdistan Region agree on three points

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Shafaq News/ The two leaders of the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan held a meeting today, Tuesday, in the city of Erbil, the capital, which resulted in agreement on several points related to writing a constitution in the Kurdistan Region and the parliamentary elections to be held next October in the region.

A joint statement issued by the two parties said that the meeting was held, that the two sides agreed on the necessity of the constitution of the Kurdistan Region, and to take the necessary legal preparations for this purpose.

The statement added that the election of the Kurdistan Parliament and the Electoral Commission as two important national issues require further discussion and settlement from all political forces in Kurdistan to reach a comprehensive agreement.

The statement added that the two sides agreed to continue holding meetings.

Iraqi Finance and the World Bank agree on a “road map” to improve the reality of the tax system

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Shafaq News/ The Ministry of Finance announced today, Tuesday, the agreement on a “road map” with the World Bank to provide support for reforming the tax system, while indicating that the new system will use modern technology.

The media office of the Ministry of Finance said in a statement received by Shafaq News Agency, “Under the guidance and follow-up of the Minister of Finance Ali Abdul Amir Allawi, and based on the agreement between the Iraqi Ministry of Finance and the World Bank, related to improving the work of the tax system in Iraq, the World Bank expressed its readiness to provide the necessary support towards Tax Administration Reforms.

The statement added, “Where support will be provided to help Iraq enhance the effectiveness of the General Tax Authority, with the support of the support team funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in the United Kingdom (𝗙𝗖𝗗𝗢), which includes the introduction of good international practices and helping the authority to use modern technology.”

The agreed roadmap is also represented, according to the statement, “carrying out an assessment of the performance of the tax administration using international standard tools (𝗧𝗔𝗗𝗔𝗧), and providing guidance on tax administration issues according to a reform program that relies in its work on the use of technology over the medium term from 3 to 5 years, as well as Exercise an advisory and technical role by supporting the design of a technical procurement process.

The Ministry of Finance indicated that “this agreement comes within the framework of the Ministry of Finance’s endeavors to raise the efficiency and performance of all its institutions, as part of a series of reform measures for financial institutions adopted by the ministry by introducing modern systems and keeping pace with current international standards and with the supervision and support of experts, specialists and leading organizations in this sector.” .