MiB Securities: USD/VND exchange rate may increase slightly in 2022

May 25, 2022 | 10:25 GMT+7

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Rising foreign remittances in recent times have greatly helped the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV)’s management over exchange rates. But as the USD is becoming stronger while remittances only help “contain” the USD/VND exchange rate in the short term, KB Securities Vietnam has forecast that the rate may increase 0.5-1 per cent in 2022.

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Barzani presents an initiative that includes positions in the region, and the Democrat talks about a political breakthrough

political| 07:26 – 03/06/2022


Special – Mawazine News
Informed sources revealed that the President of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Massoud Barzani, launched a new initiative to end the political blockage in Iraq, while the spokesman of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Mahdi Abdul Karim Al-Faili, confirmed that the end of this month will witness a real political breakthrough.
An informed source said in an interview with / Mawazine News / that “Barzani will launch during the next week an initiative to end the political blockage and agree on a candidate for the presidency.”
And she added, “The initiative includes the distribution of positions in the Kurdistan region and federal positions in Iraq, including the position of the President of the Republic.”
For his part, Al-Faili said in an interview with “Mawazine News” that “the end of this month will witness a political movement from all sides that will lead to a breakthrough in the current situation, as everyone has begun to sense the danger and the country’s interest.”
He added, “We will witness political initiatives from the parties to resolve this crisis.” Ended 29 / h


Iraq will raise its oil production by 456,000 barrels in the coming months

06/03/2022 20:43

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Baghdad / Obelisk: The Ministry of Oil revealed, on Friday, June 3, 2022, the size of the increase in Iraq’s production after the OPEC Plus group agreed to raise production in the coming months of July and August by 456,000 barrels, while it indicated the total volume of production in Iraq next month.

The spokesman for the Ministry of Oil, Assem Jihad, said in a press statement, that the producing countries are closely monitoring developments in the oil market, and are reviewing reports in this regard in order to take measures to ensure the stability of high markets, and here it should be noted the differentiation between export quantities and the quotas established by OPEC Plus. The agreement is related to production, not export.

He added, that the increase in production after the OPEC Plus agreement will be at a rate of 71 thousand barrels per day, which will increase Iraq’s total production to 4 million and 580 thousand barrels as of next July.

And he added, it is common knowledge that the decisions of OPEC or OPEC Plus are clear to all and are taken through the ministerial meeting of the member states of OPEC and those allied with it from outside OPEC, and the decisions or agreements are unanimous.

On the possibility of OPEC Plus taking the initiative to fill the shortfall in Russian oil supplies, Jihad explained that no country or more can compensate for the shortage experienced by global oil markets for any circumstance or reason, except through OPEC Plus, and there is a moral agreement that obligates everyone to abide by the quotas prescribed for each A country, and any increase agreed upon shall be unanimously agreed upon by all OPEC Plus producing countries, including Russia.

He added that any uncalculated increase will reflect negatively on global markets and lead to a decline in oil prices, and what the OPEC Plus countries, including Russia, are working on is maintaining the balance between supply and demand and the stability of global markets and minimizing their effects and repercussions, and how to face these challenges and different circumstances.

He pointed out that the oil market is a fragile market and requires dealing with it wisely, not with emotions and quick, uncontrolled or well-calculated reactions. With a good export quantity, it is better than exporting large quantities at low prices.

He pointed out that the ministerial meeting of OPEC Plus countries will be held at the end of this month in order to review the developments of the oil market and may face great difficulties to compensate for the quantities that the oil markets may lose from Russia’s production.



Washington identifies its partners to help Iraq’s “defensive” and empower it in various fields

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 2022-06-03 13:58A-AA+

Shafaq News / The US embassy in Iraq revealed, today, Friday, joint support from the international community and the United Nations to support a stable and democratic unified Iraq, while indicating that it considers Britain and the United Nations to be essential partners for the stability of Iraq to achieve common interests, most notably the economic, helping the needy and combating corruption.

A statement by the US embassy, ​​received by Shafaq News Agency, said that “Ambassador Alina L. Romanowski met with the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq Jenin Hennis-Plasschaert and the UK Ambassador to Iraq Mark Bryson Richardson,” noting that “Romanowski expressed her appreciation for the coordination between the United Nations and the United Kingdom Together with the United States and the rest of the international community to support a stable, prosperous, democratic and united Iraq.”

The statement added, “The United Nations and the United Kingdom are essential partners in our multi-pronged relationship with Iraq to advance our many common interests, including Iraq’s stability and sovereignty, economic empowerment, anti-corruption efforts, energy independence, climate, protection of human rights, and reaffirm our commitment to ensuring humanitarian assistance.” for needy people.”

The President of the Republic, Barham Salih, received, yesterday, Thursday, at Al-Salam Palace in Baghdad, the credentials of the new ambassador of the United States of America to Iraq, Alina Romanowski.

And the English newspaper “The National” considered, on April 20, 2022, that among the most prominent tasks of the new US ambassador to Baghdad, Elena Romanovsky, is to link “popularly” between Iraqi citizens and the United States, and change her country’s view of dealing with Iraq through a policy of “blame”. Iran only.

Romanowsky had confirmed during the approval session for her appointment as ambassador in Baghdad last month, that she would work to strengthen support for the components of civil society, and told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that “strengthening Iraq’s independence and citizen’s rights, will be a top priority,” adding that it “will greedy leaders The political, economic and civil society in Iraq to focus on building a prosperous and resilient state.

Romanowski was the US ambassador to Kuwait, and spent 40 years at the US State Department, the Department of Defense and the US Agency for International Development.


The laws in force prevent Iraq from joining the World Trade Organization

06/03/2022 13:16

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Baghdad / Obelisk: The Ministry of Commerce said, Friday, June 3, 2022, that the laws in force prevent Iraq from entering the World Trade Organization, while indicating a new vision for the country to join this organization.  

The ministry’s spokesman, Muhammad Hanoun, said in a press interview that Iraq has been seeking for years to join the World Trade Organization, stressing the need to legislate laws that are compatible with the decisions in which the organization operates.  

He added that the ministry is a governmental institution like other ministries, subject to laws that prevent entry to this large organization, calling on the parliament to “legislate laws during the coming period that are compatible with the organization’s decisions.”  

 Hanoun indicated that the Ministry of Commerce is working with the ministries to expedite Iraq’s entry into the organization with a new vision, explaining that the government’s effort is effective in saving time and harmonizing with the laws of the World Trade Organization.

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Global economic data: Iraq will record the second highest growth rate in 2022

Basta to sell electrical supplies in a market in Baghdad

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 2022-06-03 06:20A-AA+

Shafaq News/ Forecasts prepared in April 2022 showed that the global economy is expected to grow by 3.6% this year, and this comes in light of the pressures it is facing.

The RT station, quoting Statista, published data from FMI and the World Economic Outlook, which indicated that ten economies in the world are expected to grow at the highest pace in 2022, and the list included 3 Arab countries.

According to a graph by “Statista”, a German company specializing in market and consumer data, the Iraqi economy will grow at a rate of 9.5% this year and will rank second in the list after Guyana, which will lead the world’s economies in growth, as its economy is expected to grow by 47.2%.

In third place comes Kuwait (8.2%), then India (8.2%), followed by Saudi Arabia (7.6%), then Panama (7.5%), Niger (6.9%), then the Philippines (6.5%), Falcongo (6.4%), And then Bangladesh (6.4%).