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 2022-05-27 06:55A-AA+

Shafaq News/ The UN Security Council in New York is preparing to vote today, Friday, on a draft resolution to renew the mandate of the United Nations Mission in Iraq (UNAMI), but it will also include calls to speed up the formation of the new government, intensify cooperation between the Baghdad and Erbil governments, and implement security understandings, including the Sinjar Agreement , in order to emphasize the importance of combating desertification in Iraq because of its effects on the stability of the country.

And the “Security Council Bulletin” website stated in a report translated by Shafak News Agency, that the council will vote on the draft resolution that was distributed on May 13, after negotiations took place in which all council members participated on May 18, with the aim of renewing the mandate of the mission. UNAMI” for a period of one year, until May 31, 2023.

And after the report noted that the Security Council is generally united in its support for UNAMI and that the basic aspects of the mission’s mandate remain the same, some amendments have been made to the text to reflect recent events and the fact that the mission will not play an assisting role in electoral support at present, In light of the fact that the elections actually took place on October 10, 2021.

The report added that the council members proposed minor amendments stemming from specific concerns or in response to the wishes of the Iraqi government, rather than substantive amendments, adding that despite the prevailing atmosphere of general consensus, there are significant differences among council members with regard to climate change.

The report indicated that the previous mandate of the “UNAMI” mission included a text indicating that the negative effects of climate change “can contribute to desertification, drought, the humanitarian situation and stability in Iraq,” and that there is a need for a comprehensive assessment of risks by the Iraqi government and the need to take measures for adaptation. or mitigating the challenges posed by climate change and environmental change.” The text also talks about the need for the UNAMI mission to assist Iraq while facilitating regional dialogue and cooperation on the negative effects of climate change.

The report added that Norway apparently sought to enhance this language by adding a new paragraph requiring the UNAMI mission to support the Iraqi effort to mitigate climate change, adding that despite the wide support that the Norwegian proposal received from many members of the Security Council, However, Brazil, China, India and Russia opposed it, as India proposed removing the existing text on regional dialogue and cooperation on the harmful effects of climate change, and replacing that text with a paragraph referring to desertification and drought as examples of harmful effects instead. However, this proposal was not accepted by Brazil, China, India and Russia, as they considered that desertification and drought are not caused by climate change only.

He added that as a compromise, the paragraph on this issue in the draft resolution talks about “the negative effects of climate change, especially those that contribute to desertification and drought.”

The report also indicated that the paragraph on climate change was amended during the negotiations that took place, as the new version says that climate change could “negatively affect” the humanitarian situation and exacerbate “any existing instability” in Iraq, while the previous mandate was repeating the reference Only to the “current instability” in the country, and it seems that the word “any” was added to this paragraph in response to the concerns raised by Iraq.

In addition, the new draft resolution calls for accelerating the formation of a new government in a peaceful manner to enable it to achieve the national priorities of the Iraqi people, such as economic reform, regional cooperation, stability and development, and the strengthening and protection of human rights.

The report explained that this paragraph was added in order to deal with “the current political impasse in the country, which shows little signs of abating after the parliamentary elections on October 10, 2021.”

He pointed out that the paragraph related to the formation of the government was added to the current paragraph related to the full and equal participation of women in all levels of decision-making, based on a proposal from Ireland.

There is also a new paragraph in the draft resolution related to condemning the attempted assassination of Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi on November 7, 2021. The draft resolution also praises Iraq for organizing technically well-managed elections.

Baghdad and Erbil

In a parallel context, the report indicated that the current text on the relationship between the Iraqi federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government has been amended.

While the current mandate of the “UNAMI” mission includes encouraging the federal government and the regional government to fully implement the budget agreement for the year 2021, and to negotiate agreements related to other outstanding issues, the new text in the current draft resolution requests the mission of “UNAMI” to provide effective support to the federal government And the regional government in order to engage in regular dialogue in line with the unity of Iraq and its constitution, including with regard to security allocations, the budget and the management of oil and gas resources in Iraq.

The new draft resolution also calls for the implementation of existing agreements related to countries as well, including the “Sinjar Agreement 2020”. The report explained that the goal is to deal with recent developments in Kurdistan, including the clashes that took place between the Iraqi army and the “Sinjar Resistance Units”, in addition to the February 15 Supreme Court decision to repeal the 2007 oil and gas law established by the Kurdistan Regional Government. He explained that it was Washington that added this reference after consulting with Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government.

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