Al-Yakti and Al-Barti are engaged in a dialogue that may end the crisis of naming the President of the Republic

Baghdad / Obelisk: On Monday, May 23, 2022, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan expressed its hope to reach an agreement with the Democratic Party in the coming days to end the crisis of naming the President of the Republic, while stressing that the dialogue between the two parties will open several files, including the region’s election law and the position of president.

The representative of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Suzan Mansour, said that the visit of Kurdistan Democratic Party Deputy Nechirvan Barzani to Sulaymaniyah and his meeting with PUK President Bafel Talabani is a good step that we support, but we are also waiting for a clear initiative that restores water.

She added that the political tension between the two parties has receded, and we hope that it will pave the way for removing the dispute over the position of the President of the Republic, which is a major and important file, revealing that there was a dialogue behind the scenes between Nechirvan Barzani and the leader in the National Union, Qubad Talabani, to discuss controversial issues and remedy the crisis.

She added that the files on the discussion table include the issues of legislating the electoral law in the Kurdistan region and naming the candidate for the presidency of the republic and other files, and we expect that the two political offices of the party will hold a meeting to come up with positive initiatives.

She emphasized that obtaining a Kurdish agreement on the presidency of the republic would reflect positively on the political situation in Iraq and might pave the way for ending the crisis of naming the posts of presidents and ministers.

She pointed out that the vision of the National Union supports the formation of a government that includes all the winning parties in the elections, including the independents, stressing that the rapprochement between the Kurdish parties may result in a rapprochement between the Shiite forces, and Kurdistan has always been a party that unites the Iraqis.

She stressed that the insistence of the National Union to nominate Barham Salih to the post of President of the Republic stems from his being a national figure and possessing the qualifications to continue in this position, and it is possible to support his candidacy through the national space.

On Sunday, the President of the Kurdistan Region, Vice President of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Nechirvan Barzani, arrived in Sulaymaniyah to hold a meeting with the Kurdish parties in the province. 

Upon his arrival, Barzani, accompanied by the co-chair of the Patriotic Union, Bafel Talabani, went to the Third Military College – Kallagolan to participate in the graduation ceremony of the sixteenth batch of college graduates.

After the ceremony, there will be a meeting between Barzani and Talabani, which will be followed by a meeting with Salah al-Din Bahaa al-Din, Secretary-General of the Kurdistan Islamic Union, Omar Syed Ali, coordinator of the Change Movement, and Ali Babir, head of the Kurdistan Justice Party (formerly the Islamic Group).

On the 21st of this month, the Kurdistan Democratic Party announced an upcoming meeting with the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan to resolve the dispute over the presidency, with the latter sticking to its candidate Barham Salih for a second presidential term.