A leader in the National Party reveals the details of the meeting between Barzani and Talabani and identifies a single solution to the political impasse

  • Time: 05/22/2022 23:11:23
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A leader in the National Party reveals the details of the meeting between Barzani and Talabani and identifies a single solution to the political impasse

  {Politics: Al-Furat News} The leader of the Patriotic Union, Ghiath Al-Sorji, revealed the details of the meeting with the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Nechirvan Barzani, and the President of the Union, Bafel Talabani.

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Sorge said; For the program {Al-Mastra}, broadcast by Al-Furat satellite channel tonight, that: “Barzani’s visit to Sulaymaniyah carries two things: the normalization of the situation between the two Kurdish parties, which has reached a dead end and the political blockage in the region and Baghdad.”
He added, “This visit carried the file of the Presidency of the Republic and the problems between the two Kurdish parties at the level of Kurdistan, and we have observations on the Kurdistan Regional Parliament elections scheduled for next October.”
“A meeting was held between Barzani and Talabani, and a number of issues were discussed, the most important of which was resolving the position of the President of the Republic, but they did not discuss the depth, and the visit was for the initiative and opened the door for dialogue and rapprochement, which is a preliminary visit for that.”
He pointed out that “in the coming days, a high-ranking delegation from the Democratic Party will come to Sulaymaniyah to discuss the files in depth, especially the issue of the presidency, and we are optimistic about this movement.”
The Democrat has reached the conviction that the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan will not give up the nomination of Barham Salih, and we are still committed to the nomination, and perhaps they have other solutions, and the solutions are in their hands to settle the position. ”
The position of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan is in accordance with political understandings and a previous agreement concluded between the two parties, which stipulates that The president of the republic will be from the Patriotic Union, and the presidency of the Kurdistan region will be from the Democratic Party.” He
explained, “The issue of the presidency has nothing to do with the position of the governor of Kirkuk, which is also part of the National Union’s share.
Surji, said, “If it is agreed on a candidate for the presidency, the framework and the current will attend the voting session because all political parties realize that Iraq will not bear more crises.”
He stressed, “It is important for all parties to realize that the formation of the government can only take place by consensus, and the democrat has reached the conviction that the absence of the union will confuse the situation because the Kurdistan region is run by two administrations from the Union and the Democratic Party, and they are currently heading towards reconciliation and rapprochement.”
Sorji went on to say, “The only solution to break the blockage is to sit at the negotiating table and avoid tension, which does not serve the public interest. Everyone must make concessions to reach satisfactory and approximate solutions.”
He added, “We will not compromise over our candidate, Barham Salih, who is our only candidate. Perhaps there will be a waiver of some sovereign rights and jobs in the region and Baghdad,” adding, “The Union does not have political stubbornness with the Democrat, and we adhere to Barham Salih’s merit according to previous agreements, and today there is an initiative that we hope will be good for all.” Iraqis by passing the prime minister.
And Surji, that “the Democrat and the Alliance of Sovereignty will not go to the opposition and will participate in the government, for the tripartite alliance does not carry a government program, but a program of exclusion and marginalization,” concluding, “The rivalry and divisions between the political blocs negatively affected the whole of Iraq, including the region, and presented security to danger.”
Today, Sunday, the President of the Kurdistan Region, Vice President of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Nechirvan Barzani, arrived in Sulaymaniyah to hold a meeting with the Kurdish parties in the province.


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