Parliamentary Finance announces the submission of the emergency support bill to the Presidency of Parliament

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Economy News – Baghdad

On Wednesday, the Parliamentary Finance Committee issued a statement regarding the proposal for the emergency support law, while indicating that it was submitted to the parliament’s presidency.

The head of the committee, Hassan Al-Kaabi, said in a statement, “The proposal was presented in view of the global crisis, the rise in prices of basic foodstuffs, and the accession of a number of countries to Ukraine and Russia in refraining from exporting wheat outside their countries, which is the main resource for the global food basket, and the directions and advice of the International Monetary Fund and the Bank. The international community, the World Food Organization and the Group of Seven ( G7 ) stressed the need to start agricultural development and encourage agriculture to secure the global need for food, especially since the crisis is still continuing and its repercussions on all countries of the world, including Iraq.

He added, “Iraq suffers from the scarcity of water resources in the Tigris and Euphrates basins and the effects of climate change that portend a catastrophe in the Middle East and Iraq in particular, not to mention the deterioration of important sectors in the Iraqi state and the impossibility of their survival and continuation of their work, including the electricity sector and the doors of the blazing summer to come, and out of our concern As a financial committee, we submitted to the Presidency of the House of Representatives a proposed law (emergency support for food security and development) to be an alternative to the project submitted by the government.”

And he continued, “This came in accordance with the provisions of Article (112) of the internal system of the Iraqi Parliament and out of our legal, moral and legitimacy responsibility towards our Iraqi people of all nationalities, religions and sects, and for the purpose of banishing the specter of hunger, deterioration and power cuts in the blazing summer of Iraq.”

Al-Kaabi called on all members of the Council and behind them the parliamentary blocs, political parties and independents to participate in constructive dialogues and discussions for the purpose of ripening this law as quickly as possible in a way that guarantees its legislation and implementation to achieve the desired goals and in a manner that achieves the interests of the Iraqi people.


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