Blackshardt to the Security Council: Popular discontent in Iraq may get out of control at any moment

  • Time : 05/17 2022 22:14:03
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Blackshardt to the Security Council: Popular discontent in Iraq may get out of control at any moment

  {Political: Al Furat News} The UN representative in Iraq, Jenin Plasschaert, warned of the danger of “popular discontent and loss of control” in Iraq due to the political, economic and environmental conditions.

In her briefing to the UN Security Council, Plasschaert said: “Desertification in Iraq is a major concern, in light of the persistence of negative aspects of Iraqi political life that repeat itself in a continuous cycle.”

She pointed to “the increase in popular discontent, which may get out of control at any moment, with the continuation of the state of political impasse in Iraq.”

“It is time to shed light on the Iraqi people by securing services, limiting corruption, looting state institutions, achieving reform, diversifying the economy, implementing governance, ending impunity and accountability, and reining in armed actors,” she added.

She also stressed that “the relationship between Baghdad and Erbil should be carried out in accordance with the constitution and the laws in force in resolving all disputes, most notably the sharing of oil wealth.”

Regarding the situation in the Kurdistan region, the UN envoy said: “The political divisions in the region have deepened, and it has options, most notably holding parliamentary elections in October and creating a positive electoral environment for that.”

Regarding the security situation, Plasschaert pointed out, “The firing of missiles at an oil refinery in Erbil is an unjustified act, and these attacks seek to undermine Iraq’s security in the midst of a charged security and political environment, as it has devastating repercussions due to reckless actions.”

“The state’s influence must be extended, and the perpetrators must be prosecuted to preserve the rule of law,” she stressed.

Regarding the conditions of Sinjar district, west of Nineveh, she said: “There is no implementation of the Sinjar Agreement, and there are huge divisions among the city’s residents.”

“Sinjar has turned into an arena for foreign and local saboteurs, and Baghdad and Erbil should assume their responsibility in securing Sinjar and ensuring the return of the displaced to their areas,” she added.

At the conclusion of her speech, she stressed: “The need to overcome the political stalemate in Iraq, and we need an urgent political will to overcome differences and for the country to move forward and achieve the aspirations and demands of its people.”

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