The Ministry of Finance sees the federal decision as an obstacle to alleviating price hikes and securing electricity

2022/05/15 21:17

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Baghdad / Obelisk: The Minister of Finance suspended on Sunday, May 15, 2022, the decision issued by the Federal Supreme Court regarding the powers of the current government.

The obelisk publishes the text of the statement

The decision of the Federal Supreme Court regarding the powers of the current government has important implications for the work of the Ministry of Finance, and in fact the court ruled that the current draft law on emergency funding proposed by the government is outside the powers of this government. This, of course, prevents this government from proposing any budget law for 2022.

 The Ministry of Finance initiated the draft emergency law with the full knowledge of the House of Representatives, and the project proposal was keenly interested in investing the gains arising from the rise in oil prices to confront the global rise in the prices of basic commodities that affected the poor in our country and to enhance our ability to face food emergencies in the future, and to cover the cost of crude oil production By the Ministry of Oil, to repay the Ministry of Electricity’s debt on fuel imports, and to help strengthen the Ministry of Finance’s financial barriers.

Such a law was necessary in the absence of the 2022 budget given the multiple funding issues the government faced. This bill was in no way intended as a substitute for a full budget.  

The bill proposed by the Ministry of Finance was approved by the Council of Ministers, and submitted to the House of Representatives for consideration. 

Today, the Supreme Court issued its ruling, which made the bill unenforceable.

 The Ministry of Finance fully respects the decisions of the highest court in the country and is working to implement them, but we must be clear that the court’s decision will have an impact on our ability to manage public finances in a way that will mitigate the effects of the global rise in commodity prices and allow the government to meet the demands of the electricity sector at the beginning of the summer , In addition to the inability to meet the costs of oil extraction by the Ministry of Oil, and to build a reserve stock of grain. 

In our littered political environment, where government formation takes months to complete, it is hard to see how stripping the caretaker government’s powers of crisis and emergency management would serve the greater national interest.

Al-Kazemi, commenting on the “Federal” decision: We will face obstruction in providing electricity and services to Iraqis

politicsbreakingFederal CourtMustafa Al-Kazemi

 2022-05-15 12:51A-AA+

Shafaq News/ The head of the caretaker government in Iraq, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, commented on Sunday evening, on the decision of the Federal Supreme Court, indicating that his government will face “obstruction”  in providing electricity and services to Iraqis.

Al-Kazemi said in a statement received by Shafak News Agency, “The Iraqi government confirms its full respect for the constitutional texts and timings, binding laws, and fatwas issued by the Federal Supreme Court to interpret these texts.”

Al-Kazemi added, “The government – as a daily business government – according to the constitution, had previously submitted to the honorable parliament the law on “emergency support for food security and development”, with urgent motives; to address the economic challenges imposed by the crisis of high global prices, in order to achieve food security, And providing the food basket, as well as providing urgent support to the electricity sector before the summer season; to prevent any crisis in energy production, or power outages throughout Iraq.

He stressed that “the law would also support social welfare to protect the poor and needy classes in the face of the global economic crisis, provide services in cities, provide job opportunities for graduates and the unemployed, as well as provide urgent funds to support the agricultural sector and deal with climate changes.”

Al-Kazemi considered, “The failure to achieve all these necessities represents a factor obstructing the government’s role in running the daily affairs that fall into the hands of providing the requirements of the Iraqi people, protecting the poorest groups, providing services and electricity, and limiting the rise in global prices.”

He continued, “His government” calls on everyone to stand up to the responsibility; In order to address the implications of the challenges facing the country under the current sensitive circumstances at the internal and global levels.

And earlier today, the Federal Supreme Court (the highest judicial authority in Iraq), decided to cancel the draft law on emergency support for food security and development, based on a lawsuit filed by Representative Basem Khashan.

The Iraqi parliament had suddenly announced the postponement of a session that was scheduled to be held yesterday, Saturday, to vote on the law, after making some amendments to its paragraphs, and adding other paragraphs.

Al-Sadr announces the parliamentary opposition for a month

politicsbreakingMuqtada al-Sadr

 2022-05-15 12:39A-AA+

Shafaq News/ The leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, announced that his Sadrist bloc was heading towards the opposition in the Iraqi parliament, after the failure of political parties, including his bloc, to form the Iraqi government seven months after the legislative elections in the country.

Al-Sadr said in a statement, “I was honored that those belonging to me became the largest parliamentary bloc in the history of Iraq. I was honored to succeed in forming the largest cross-quota bloc. I was honored to rely on myself and not be dependent on external parties. I was honored not to resort to the judiciary in managing the people’s needs and requirements.” Formation of the government, but due to the increasing calls on me from inside and outside, and on the idea: a national majority government, we did not succeed in our endeavor, praise be to God. This is the merit of the partisan and independent parliamentary blocs.

That is, but we have an option left to try. It is the transition to the national opposition for a period of no less than thirty days.”

He added, “If the parties and parliamentary blocs, including those we had the honor to ally with, succeed in forming a government to alleviate the suffering of the people, then it will be blessed, otherwise we will have another decision to announce at the time.”

It is noteworthy that the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, launched two initiatives to form the federal government, one of which announced its failure, which he granted to the coordination framework at the beginning of last April, and the other he launched to independent deputies on the third of this month, giving them 15 days to carry out the task of forming the government in cooperation with allies in The Triple Alliance (Save a Homeland) from the Kurds and Sunnis without representing the Sadrist bloc as ministers.

The dispute intensified between the two Shiite poles represented by the Sadrist movement, which won the highest votes in the elections that took place last year, and the coordination framework that includes blocs that expressed their rejection of the election results.

The leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, insists on forming a majority government that seeks to exclude the leader of the State of Law coalition, Nuri al-Maliki, who served as prime minister for two terms.

On the tenth of last October, Iraq held early legislative elections to get out of a political crisis that swept the country after large demonstrations in the central and southern regions in 2019 in protest against the widespread unemployment in society, the spread of financial and administrative corruption in government departments and institutions, and the deteriorating reality The service and the livelihood, which prompted the former prime minister, Adel Abdul-Mahdi, to resign under popular pressure.

As soon as the preliminary results of the elections were announced, the voices of political forces and actors rose in their rejection of losing many seats, accusing them of major fraud in the ballot, which was denied by the executive and judicial authorities, at a time when the United Nations and international organizations praised the integrity of the electoral process.

The Security Council will hold its session on the situation in Iraq next Tuesday

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The Security Council will hold its session on the situation in Iraq next Tuesday

  {International: Al Furat News} The United Nations Mission in Iraq (UNAMI) announced today, Sunday, that the UN Security Council will hold its session on the situation in Iraq next Tuesday.

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And the mission stated in a statement that {Euphrates News} received a copy of it, that “the UN Security Council will hold a session on the situation related to Iraq on Tuesday, May 17, 2022, at 3:00 pm New York time (10:00 pm Baghdad time).”
She added, “It is expected that the Special Representative of the Secretary-General, Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert, will brief the session on developments in Iraq and the work of the United Nations mission.”

The International Coalition: More than $2 million worth of aid provided to Iraq

2022/05/15 14:24

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Baghdad / Obelisk: The International Coalition announced, on Sunday, May 15, 2022, the value of the aid provided to the Iraqi forces during the first quarter of this year.

In a statement received by the Obelisk, the coalition stated that “the Joint Task Force, Operation Inherent Resolve, provided the equivalent of $219 million in aid to partner forces in Iraq and partner forces in Syria in the first quarter of fiscal year 2022 through the US program to finance training and equipment to combat ISIS.” “This came as part of the ongoing efforts to preserve the permanent defeat of ISIS,” he said.  

He added, “The US program to fund training and equipping to combat ISIS is a biennial US credit dedicated to filling gaps in partner force capabilities to ensure ISIS’ lasting defeat.”

He continued, “Since 2014, the American program to finance training and equipment to combat ISIS has provided more than $8.9 billion in aid, examples of equipment transfers include armored military vehicles, forklifts, ambulances, tow trucks, fuel and water tankers, as well as communications assets that range from devices to Radio to air traffic control systems and weapons.

Launching a World Bank grant to support higher education projects in Iraq

communityHigher EducationThe World Bank

 2022-05-15 09:54A-AA+

Shafaq News/ The Iraqi Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Nabil Kazem Abdel Sahib, announced today, Sunday, the launch of a World Bank grant to support higher education projects in the country.

In his speech during the launching ceremony of the project to support education in Iraq in cooperation with the World Bank and in the presence of university presidents and representatives, he called for a review of the indicators and financial allocations for universities, explaining that the university educational environment is witnessing a remarkable expansion and turnout due to the rapid population growth rate, noting that the financial aspect represents a challenge for the Ministry of Education Higher Education and Scientific Research and its university institutions that work on parallel tracks to achieve simultaneous goals based on community service, quality of performance and outputs.

He explained that the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research identified, within its strategy extending until 2030, an urgent goal related to the need to create specialized scientific universities that suit the labor market and to benefit from partnership and coordination with international donors.

The Minister of Education renewed the demand to give the education file a top priority in the financing file, pointing out at the same time that public budgets indicated diminishing financial allocations for this file over the past years.

In turn, Andreas Blow, Director of Education Practices at the World Bank in the Middle East and North Africa, said that the World Bank has worked with its partners in the Iraqi government over the past two years to prepare support for higher education, which represents an important sector in Iraq known for its history and educational and scientific status.

He added that the five million dollars granted by the World Bank will contribute to providing training environments in universities and new laboratories, and supplying society with priority disciplines, especially renewable energies, health, agriculture and electricity, stressing that the World Bank is committed to this support to develop and improve the quality of education.

The participants from the Studies Department, the Ministry of Planning and the World Bank reviewed the importance of the projects that the Ministry of Higher Education agreed with the World Bank to finance, in the areas of renewable energy, food safety, production and rehabilitation of prosthetic limbs, modern communication networks, virtual laboratories, as well as a research center and a comprehensive laboratory for examinations of structures and construction materials and a generation, transmission and distribution laboratory Energy and Technology Lab is open source.

After the initiative to end the blockage, the independents form a “negotiating body” with “The Framework and Save a Homeland”

politicsIndependent Representativespolitical initiativepolitical blockage

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Shafaq News/ The “Independent Representatives” announced on Sunday that they had formed a “negotiating body” to start negotiations with the Shiite coordination framework and the tripartite alliance “Save a Homeland”.

Independent MP Hussein Arab said in a statement to Shafak News Agency correspondent, on the sidelines of a press conference, to announce the political initiative of the independent representatives to end the political blockage, that “the independent representatives and the emerging blocs will form a negotiating body to go to the political blocs (the Sadrist bloc, the coordination framework, the Alliance of Sovereignty and the Kurdish blocs). ) to explain their initiative.

He explained that “the independents are determined to solve the crisis and to be a tool for the solution and not obstruct the process of forming the government.”

Arab added, “Independent MPs and emerging blocs will not be greedy for the position of prime minister, but after the political blockage, we decided to move forward to resolve this blockage.”

Regarding the initiative of the independent representatives that they presented today, Arab said that “the initiative is a roadmap for two initiatives of the owners of the largest social component, and we would like to say that we are a compromise between them,” adding that “the independents have drawn up a road plan that we hope the concerned parties (the framework and the current) will proceed with. together to solve the crisis.

And earlier today, Sunday, members of the Iraqi Council of Representatives from the “independents” announced a roadmap to solve the political impasse in the country and form the next government, and it included seven points.

The “Independent Representatives and Emerging Movements” presented their initiative through a press conference held at the Parliament building this evening.

From 7 points.. Shafak News publishes the text of the initiative of independent representatives to form a government

politicsbreakingIndependent Representatives

 2022-05-15 09:04A-AA+

Shafaq News/ The “independent” members of the Iraqi Council of Representatives announced a road map to solve the political blockage in the country and form the next government, and it included seven points.

The “independent deputies and emerging movements” presented their initiative through a press conference they held today in the parliament building, attended by Shafak News Agency correspondent, and said that the elections are the basis for the legitimacy of the democratic system and ensuring its stability and through which governments obtain their mandate, and by voting peoples express their will, as millions made Of our honorable people, with their votes, they chose change, and the votes of the electorate exceeded two million votes for the emerging movements

And the independents to form the most numerous mass bloc, adding that based on national and historical responsibility, we are presenting a road map to form a government whose core is independents and those who believe in this map and in accordance with the provisions of Article 76 of the Iraqi constitution

The initiative included the following points:

 1. We stress the need to implement the constitutional entitlements in all its stages, including the issue of government formation, which is an internal national affair in which no external party has the right to interfere in any way.

2 . Independent representatives and emerging movements see that the past stages across successive governments have witnessed failures, so we see that the coalition of independent representatives and emerging movements forms a parliamentary bloc that calls on the political blocs concerned to unite with them to form the most numerous bloc in the House of Representatives without prior conditions, and after being assigned by the President of the Republic Elected to nominate a person for the Prime Minister, the bloc of independent representatives and emerging movements nominate independent figures without dictates and pressures from other political blocs, and the supporting bloc enables him to choose the government booth, which is characterized by the highest level of efficiency, experience, integrity and in accordance with the electoral merit and to ensure the representation of minorities as it supports its program The election, which includes conducting political and economic reforms and combating financial and administrative corruption, in order for the Prime Minister to be directly responsible for the performance of his government before the Iraqi people and the Parliament.

3. The person of the Prime Minister shall be independent, impartial, efficient and politically experienced, and shall not bear any suspicion of corruption, and shall not be controversial.

4. Independent representatives and emerging movements stress the need to limit the waste of national wealth and abuse of public money, adopt a fair distribution of wealth to all Iraqis, and emphasize attention to the upcoming government program for the sectors of industry, agriculture, tourism, investment, the water file, the social protection network, and the youth file. Education and youth support.

H. The parliamentary blocs supporting the formation of the government pledge to prepare the causes of the effective opposition and ensure a complete separation between the work of the political majority and the opposition and the “oversight tools in the presidency of parliamentary committees and others by making the amendment to the House of Representatives Law and its formations No. 13 of 2018 and the internal system of the House of Representatives and ensuring the independence of the oversight bodies The independent and enabling it to carry out its constitutional and legal role in monitoring government performance. The opposition nominates its chairs in accordance with the criteria of competence, experience and integrity.

6. The selection of the President of the Republic shall be in accordance with the principles and conditions mentioned in the Iraqi Constitution.

7 Independent representatives and emerging movements stress the need for the narrative program to include ending all armed manifestations and applying the law to everyone.

A body of independent representatives and emerging movements will be formed to negotiate, explain and clarify the initiative of the political blocs from today’s date, and we hope that this project will receive understanding and acceptance in order to end the political blockage and set out to form a strong and effective government that receives the necessary support and takes upon itself the building of the state and overcoming the entrenched crises in all sectors to put Effective solutions to solve these crises.

We would also like to point out that a group of emerging and independent movements who actively attended to resolve the political crisis and emerge from the state of obstruction and played a supportive role for the rest of the independent forces and to create common spaces for dialogue among themselves to reach realistic and sober solutions have taken and are still the position of the positive opposition guiding in oversight and legislation, and they will continue In monitoring the implementation of the terms of this initiative, as long as it contributes to resolving the political impasse without taking sides.