After its implementation in Iran… Is it possible to cancel the dollar exchange rate in Iraq? – Urgent

181 Policy 2022/05/11/19:52  
Baghdad today – Special 

, the financial advisor to the Prime Minister, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, commented today, Wednesday, about the possibility of canceling the dollar exchange rate in Iraq after implementing this step in Iran. 

Saleh said in a statement to (Baghdad Today), that “the step taken by Iran means its official exit from the dollar area, whether in settling its foreign transactions with the world or in building its foreign reserves, and accordingly, it will deal with all existing international currencies and will allow the circulation of reserve foreign currencies in various forms, except for the United States dollar. 

He added, “Perhaps the exchange rate of the Iranian currency will be based in the future on the currency basket system, excluding the dollar, which means Iran will leave the International Monetary Fund system entirely, in addition to the embargo imposed by the United States on Iran since 2011, which stopped any Iran’s dealings with the world in the currency of the United States of America.”
Saleh added, “Iraq is completely different from Iran, as it is located within the dollar area, and its oil payments and foreign payments are closely linked to the US dollar and to the policy of a fixed exchange rate between the dinar and the dollar only.” 

He pointed out that “the exchange rate policy is flexible, as the dinar is linked with other reserve currencies, such as the euro, the Japanese yen, the pound sterling, and others.”


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