The framework initiative… Al-Sadr refused to receive it, and forces described it as useless

political| 05:50 – 04/05/2022


Baghdad – Mawazine News
, yesterday, the coordination framework put forward a new initiative to end the political impasse in Iraq, indicating that this initiative, with its points, does not differ from its predecessors, which all failed.
Informed sources told Mawazine News that “the head of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, refused to receive it, and considered that he had given a deadline for the framework to form the government, but it failed.”
The sources added, “The initiative did not find any positive reactions, as it came under conditions rejected by the Triple Alliance (Save the Homeland) and Al-Sadr previously, such as the agreement of the components within it on its candidates for the three presidencies and making the opposition optional.”
For his part, a member of the Kurdistan National Party, Wafa Muhammad, said, “The new initiative that was put forward by the coordination framework contains many points and media dictates, and there is no initiative or a radical solution to untie the political knot, but rather it was proposed for other purposes.”
He added, “The framework does not have the right to ask the independents to nominate an independent figure to take over the position of prime minister, because this position belongs to the winning bloc and the most numerous bloc, that is, it is a merit of the Sadrist movement, being the winner of the elections and being the largest bloc in its alliance with democracy and sovereignty, and the fact that the independents did not form a single bloc and they are They are divided into several political forces and are not united, so this request is considered a provocative request for the Sadrist movement, the purpose of which is to withdraw some independent seats from the framework and increase their number.
He pointed out, “This initiative is useless and there are no good intentions in it, but the opposite is true.” Ended 29 / h


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