Shafaq News/ The coordination framework announced on Wednesday the launch of a nine-point political initiative, accompanied by nine commitments to implement it.

A statement of the launch stated, “Based on a sense of legitimate and moral responsibility, we announce this comprehensive national initiative to get out of the current crisis and the political blockage that has occurred recently, starting with the electoral results and the accompanying failures and ending with a session on Wednesday, March 30, 2022, and in order to preserve the interest of our honorable people once and for all. On the other hand, the coordinating framework and the forces and personalities allied with it take the initiative to build bridges of understanding and dialogue with all other forces and independent personalities to get out of the crisis that the country is experiencing. The initiative stipulates the following:

1- In observance of the constitutional terms and in order to preserve the progress of the democratic process, we call on all parties to sit at the dialogue table and discuss solutions and remedies without preconditions or restrictions. Everyone puts the interest of the homeland and the citizen before his eyes.

2- The President of the Republic occupies an important and fundamental moral position as the protector of the constitution and a symbol of the nation’s unity and sovereignty and the preserver of its unity and territorial integrity. The person of the President of the Republic should be characterized by efficiency, sincerity, good conduct and behavior, and the Kurdish parties should make efforts to understand and agree on a candidate with these qualities and within the established contexts. out.

3- Given the importance of the position of Prime Minister and in line with the constitution and taking into account the right of the majority, the right of the largest component of society must be preserved through the blocs of the larger component allied to form the most numerous bloc and then agree on the nomination of the next prime minister, and the participating forces in the government bear the responsibility for his failure And his success and accountability, as well as pledge to provide him with full support in accordance with the government program headquarters, and announce this in a general conference, provided that the candidate for this position is characterized by competence, integrity, political and economic experience and other qualities required in this position, which necessitates the most numerous bloc to test and be convinced of his program Politician and assess his qualifications and competence before being selected and approved.

4 – Believing in the necessity of conducting the democratic process and in order to avoid political obstruction, the framework forces present a proposal to the independent representatives to present a candidate who possesses competence, integrity, acceptability, impartiality and all the required qualifications, to run the country at this sensitive stage in the life of Iraq, provided that he is supported by all the blocs representing the component The largest and the most numerous bloc, according to the Federal Court’s interpretation of Article 76 of the Constitution.

5- Through this initiative, the issue of the three presidencies will be resolved through the understanding of the people of each component among themselves, and everyone deals with the concept of the majority willing to participate as well as the opposition willing to monitor, provided that all presidencies go through one path, which is the willing majority that is reassured by everyone with the agreement that Rejecting any candidate from the other components does not mean intersection with the component, but rather allowing this component to present other options, and the three presidents are representative of all and enjoy the support and respect of all.

6- Staying away from the policy of breaking wills, showing flexibility and offering mutual concessions, in order to meet with national and political participants, taking into account electoral weights.

7- The ruling majority pledges to provide a safe cover for the parliamentary opposition, empower it in the House of Representatives, and consolidate its role in monitoring the performance of the government and holding it accountable if it is proven to be negligent, by chairing effective parliamentary committees and granting oversight bodies to the opposition and independent personalities who did not participate in forming the government. The opposition should also pledge Not to disrupt the sessions of the House of Representatives and the active attendance in it, and to allow the ruling majority to complete the constitutional entitlements.

8 – The framework and the forces allied with it shall form a negotiating committee to initiate dialogue with the political parties, in order to put this initiative into practice.

9 – Leaving the option of participating in the next government or going to the opposition an open and available option for all without imposing on anyone.


Everyone undertakes to implement the obligations contained in this paper, as follows:-

1- Undertaking to review all contracts, loans and appointments in the day-to-day management government from the date of dissolving the House of Representatives until the formation of the new government.

2- Amending the Elections Law according to Federal Court Decision No. 159 of 12/27/2021 obligating the Parliament to amend the law, and a pledge to change and restructure the commission’s cadres, select a board of commissioners from among those who are known for their experience, and hold accountable those whose deficiencies are proven within the law.

3- Preserving the rights of minorities, protecting them and preserving their interests through equal opportunities, freedom of belief and other articles stipulated in the Iraqi constitution.

4- Organizing the relationship between the federal government in Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government in a way that guarantees the rights of all and with high transparency, and finding appropriate solutions to the outstanding problems between them in accordance with the constitution for all issues, for example, the legislation of the federal oil and gas law and how to manage the country’s wealth and support the regional guard forces and the Peshmerga and their commitment to the leadership of the leader General of the Armed Forces.

5- Reconstruction of the liberated areas and solving the problems of the displaced that came as a result of the hateful ISIS terrorism and working on everything that enhances confidence in the political process through a government that cares for all.

6- Establishing a fund to support the poorest governorates, according to the official indicators of the Ministry of Planning, provided that the necessary funds are allocated to it within the financial budget to advance the reality of education, health and housing services for poor governorates.

7- All political forces pledge to reject and prevent attempts at normalization with the usurping Zionist entity.

8- Activating the oversight and parliamentary institutions and creating the appropriate legislation to fight corruption and not protect any person proven guilty according to the law.

9- Formulating a ministerial curriculum and a government program for the next phase, setting realistic time ceilings for its implementation, defining criteria for selecting the aspired ministerial team, and focusing on service aspects.

Al-Kazemi affirms Iraq’s keenness to consolidate joint Arab and regional action

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 2022-05-03 12:29A-AA+

Shafaq News/ The Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, affirmed on Tuesday, Iraq’s keenness to consolidate joint Arab and regional action.

This came during a phone call that Al-Kazemi made to the Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, on the occasion of Eid Al-Fitr, according to a statement issued by the Prime Minister’s Media Office, received by Shafaq News Agency.

Al-Kazemi expressed, according to the statement, his sincere wishes for continued progress and prosperity for the government and people of Saudi Arabia, stressing “Iraq’s keenness to consolidate joint Arab and regional action, for the stability of the region and the well-being of its people, and to build sustainable development for peace-loving peoples.”

For his part, bin Salman offered congratulations and blessings on the occasion of the blessed Eid, and conveyed the wishes of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the Iraqi people for well-being, the consolidation of stability, and more bilateral cooperation at various levels and fields.

International Monetary: Iraq’s Revenues Will Reach Nearly 150 Billion Dollars In 2022


LAST UPDATE 05/03/2022 | 1:14 PM



The International Monetary Fund expected that Iraq will achieve a jump in its public revenues during 2022, after the rise in oil prices.
According to the fund’s estimates, “it is expected that the Arab oil-exporting countries will witness leaps in their revenues during the current year, in conjunction with the rise in oil prices globally,” noting that “it is expected that Iraq’s revenues during 2022 will reach 149 billion dollars, with an annual change rate of 73 percent.” for the year 2021.
The report added that “Saudi Arabia’s revenues are expected to rise by $327 billion with an annual change of 28 percent, while Libya’s annual revenues for the current year will reach 39 billion dollars with an annual change of 84 percent, while the UAE’s revenues will be 190 billion dollars with an annual change of 46 percent, and Kuwait’s revenues will be 102 billion.” dollars with an annual change rate of 46 percent.
He added that “Qatar’s revenues are expected to reach $84 billion with an annual change of 40 percent, Bahrain’s revenues will be 11 billion dollars with an annual change of 39 percent, Oman’s revenues will amount to 39 billion dollars with an annual change of 34 percent, while Algeria’s revenues will reach 58 billion dollars, with a percentage change of 28 percent.” percent”.
Oil prices rose during 2022 to above $100 per barrel after Russia, one of the world’s largest oil and gas exporters, launched a war against Ukraine, with concerns about a disruption and a scarcity of oil exports. finished/25h

النقد الدولي: إيرادات العراق ستصل لقرابة 150 مليار دولار في 2022

UNAMI calls for a “genuine collective will” to end the political stalemate in Iraq

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 2022-05-03 04:35A-AA+

Shafaq News/ The United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) stressed on Monday the importance of having a sincere collective will to end the political stalemate in the country, calling on Iraqi leaders to agree on forming a government “without delay.”

In a telegram of congratulations to Eid al-Fitr, received by Shafaq News Agency, the mission said, “On this holiday, we stress the importance of overcoming the political stalemate for the benefit of all Iraqis, and as major weaknesses at the local level are exacerbated by the ongoing effects of the pandemic and global geopolitical tensions, a sincere collective will to resolve should now prevail. Political differences in order for the country to move forward and meet the needs of its citizens.

The mission urged the political leaders in Iraq to “assume their responsibilities and expedite the process of forming the government, observing the constitutional timeframes, and agreeing without further delay on a government capable of quickly and decisively to address Iraq’s long list of outstanding local priorities.”

Iraq enters a “political blockage” between its political blocs in light of a desire to form a national majority government, with another party calling for the formation of a consensual government with each party’s commitment to its demand, which has been unsuccessful in any attempt to form a government so far.