Al-Kazemi: The government has achieved the highest rate of economic growth and I have done what pleases my conscience in performing my duties

political| 10:11 – 29/04/2022


Baghdad – Mawazine News
, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi confirmed the government’s success in achieving the highest economic growth rate in two years, while noting that the solution to the political blockage is not in political speeches, but rather in an attempt to restore confidence.
Al-Kazemi said in an interview with the official newspaper, which will be published tomorrow, Saturday, that he did not put in his economic work any promotional goals, warning that economic reform will not be achieved without suffering.
In his response to the decision to change the exchange rate of the dollar, the Prime Minister clarified that changing the exchange rate was not a qualitative decision for this government, but was preceded by studies that spanned for years. He said: “We do not have the magic wand to change reality in one fell swoop, but we have laid the foundations of a normal life.”
Regarding his failure to participate in the elections, Al-Kazemi affirmed his opposition and rejection of all requests that she wanted him to participate in.
Al-Kazemi expressed his satisfaction with what was accomplished during the two years of the government’s life, and said: “During two years of the government’s work, we succeeded in achieving the highest economic growth rate in the Arab countries, according to International Monetary Fund reports, which expected that the economic growth rate in Iraq would reach 9.5 percent. % during the years 2022 and 2023, concluding: “I did what satisfied my conscience in the performance of my duties, but on the political level, the conversation is still early.” Ended 29 / h


Al-Kazemi: The understanding between Iran and Saudi Arabia is imminent

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Al-Kazemi: The understanding between Iran and Saudi Arabia is imminent

  {Political: Al-Furat News} Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi announced that the understanding between Iran and Saudi Arabia “is imminent.”

Al-Kazemi said in a press interview: “The brothers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republic deal with the file of the dialogue with a high responsibility, and we are confident that the understanding is soon, God willing.”

Today, the Iranian ambassador in Baghdad, Iraj Masjedi, revealed new details about the latest round of talks between Tehran and Riyadh, which was held in Baghdad, announcing the two sides’ agreement on a roadmap for future negotiations.

Masjedi told the official IRNA news agency, “In the fifth round of Iranian-Saudi talks that were held last Thursday between the delegations of the two sides, a roadmap for the future was discussed and agreed upon,” explaining that “the two sides had proposals that were agreed upon after Thursday’s meeting and it became a road map for the future.” “.

In response to a question about whether the embassies of the two countries will be reopened, Masjedi said: The future negotiations will determine whether the issue of reopening the two embassies will be achieved or not, and this will depend on the upcoming negotiations. A framework agreement for the future has been reached, and this is a positive criterion illuminating the future course for both sides.

Masjedi referred to the general agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia, and said that one of these agreements is related to “the second confidence-building process, which is bilateral measures and cooperation, such as the issues of Hajj and the issue of embassies of both sides, and the third issue is regional and international issues.”

Oil continues to rise, and Brent is at $108 a barrel

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Oil continues to rise, and Brent is at $108 a barrel

  {Economic: Al Furat News} Oil prices rose for a fourth day, today, Friday, as fears of Russian supply disruptions outweighed the impact of closure restrictions to combat “Covid-19” in China, the largest importer of crude in the world, which cast a shadow on demand.

Brent crude futures rose 88 cents, or 0.8%, to $108.47 a barrel, after rising 2.1% in the previous session.

West Texas Intermediate crude rose 55 cents, or 0.5%, to $105.91 a barrel, after rising 3.3% on Thursday.

And the two crudes are heading towards ending the week on the rise and recording gains for the fifth consecutive month, supported by the increased chances of Germany joining other countries in the European Union in banning Russian oil.

But oil prices are still volatile, as China has shown no indication of easing the closure measures, despite their impact on its economy and global supply chains.

With regard to supplies, six sources in the “OPEC +” group of oil producers told “Reuters” on Thursday that the bloc will likely adhere to the current agreement on production and will agree on another small increase in production for the month of June at its meeting on May 5.

Despite the Sadrists’ statement, the coordination framework announces an effective rapprochement at the beginning of next month

political| 03:25 – 29/04/2022


Special – Mawazine News
The deputy of the coordination framework, Thaer fearful, confirmed, on Friday, that the framework is thick with the entry of the Sadrist movement with it in forming the largest bloc.
In an exclusive interview with Mawazine News, he stated that the framework does not want or seeks to exclude any political bloc or party, and that it is determined to join the Sadrist movement in forming the largest Shiite bloc.
He added that there are external parties that have intervened to widen the gap within the Shiite house, despite that, the beginning of next month will be an effective rapprochement between the political parties and can break the suffocation and political blockage.
Today, Thursday, the Sadrist movement denied the existence of any agreement with the coordination framework on forming a government.
According to a document issued by the movement, Mawazine News obtained a copy of it, and a copy of it, that “some media outlets circulated statements and leaks about some leaders of the coordination framework that the twenty-eighth day of the blessed month of Ramadan will be a breakthrough and an agreement will be reached between the Sadrist movement and the framework.” The coordination, regarding the formation of the next government, and in response to these lies we say:
First: The purpose of these continuous lies is to destabilize the tripartite alliance (to save a homeland), and we tell them, it is a solid alliance that will not be shaken by such nonsense and allegations, and we call on them not to repeat that Second
: Since Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr announced the deadline for the month of Ramadan and beyond, and until this moment, there are no political understandings or meetings between us and the coordination framework, and we still say the government of the national majority regarding the formation of the next government.

Legal expert: There is no constitutional vacuum and in favor of the Federal Court referendum on the duration of the election of the president

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Legal expert: There is no constitutional vacuum and in favor of the Federal Court referendum on the duration of the election of the president

  {Political: Al Furat News} The legal expert, Ali Al-Tamimi, said that the country does not live in a constitutional vacuum.

Al-Tamimi said in a statement that Al-Furat News Agency received a copy of: “The fact that the Speaker of Parliament, Muhammad Al-Halbousi, adjourned the session to another notice, means that the session will be continuous, and the session will exceed the days designated for electing the President of the Republic, which is the 30 days and the meaning of a continuous session, that is, it opened with a legal quorum. It will be opened the next time at the same quorum, and this removes the embarrassment for Al-Halbousi that he did not specify a day that is outside the framework of the interpretation presented by the Federal Supreme Court, meaning that the session remains as if it is still on a meeting date that precedes the 6th of April. 
He added, “He needs the President of the Republic, Barham Salih, in accordance with Article 67 of the Constitution, as he is the protector of the constitution, to consult the Federal Supreme Court to know its opinion on what the constitutional procedures have reached, to find another term.” 
Al-Tamimi stressed, “There is no such thing as a constitutional vacuum, but rather political differences that have negatively reflected on the constitutional procedures, which are a hanger on which these problems are always attached.”
And the legal expert continued, “As for the president of the republic, he will continue to operate according to Federal Court Decision 24 of 2022 until the election of a new president, and the government will continue to conduct daily affairs.”

Raghad Daham

Al-Sadr’s angry denial of any understanding with the framework.. It reinforces the option of new elections under the extension tent of Al-Kazemi

04/29/2022 10:05

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Baghdad / Obelisk: By denying, last Thursday, the head of the Sadrist bloc, Hassan al-Adari, the news of an agreement between the Sadrist movement and the coordination framework to form the government, the hopes that revived in the past weeks have gone unheeded. 

In a speech of anger and resentment, Al-Adari affirmed, “The alliance – saving the nation – is solid and will not be shaken by such nonsense and allegations, and we call on them not to repeat this in the future…”, noting that “there are no political understandings or meetings between us and the coordination framework, nor We still say the government of the national majority regarding the formation of the next government.”   

Analyzes indicate that the Sadrist movement’s anger is not due to the talk of rapprochement, but rather because the framework talks about the attraction of representatives and political parties to its political project. The leader in the coordination framework, Turki al-Atabi, said that there is an increase in the number of representatives of the Sovereignty Alliance who wish to join the coordination framework to 6 deputies, and such statements provoke the Sadrist movement, according to a source from him to the Obelisk.

Al-Adhari’s statements are seen as evidence of the stability of political differences, with a serious political blockage after the postponement of the parliament session designated to vote on the position of the President of the Republic, while the political blocs were unable to find solutions to the crisis.

 A source in the tripartite alliance tells the Obelisk that the coalition is certain that the framework forces will not be able to form a government, while expectations that the leaders of the coordination framework will reach an agreement with the trio are fading away.

 After Al-Adhari’s statement, the odds that he published in the analysis of writer Ali Al-Mamouri, in Al-Monitor newspaper, increase the odds that the current government will continue indefinitely as a transitional government and that other early elections will be held in 2023. This is likely, given the fact that the constitutional deadline for forming a government has passed. .

Forces from within the framework and the tripartite alike may see that maintaining Mustafa Al-Kazemi’s government, while making ministerial amendments to it, may be the most realistic and appropriate option in light of the current political impasse, especially with the Sadrist movement not showing any cooperation or response to the initiative put forward by the framework to form The largest parliamentary bloc.

Political and academic analyst Abdullah Al-Bayati expects, in a tweet on Twitter, a political movement that will upset the scales, and there will be regional movements towards Iraq, and Al-Kazemi will continue until the end of July or may be extended until October.

Political and media circles also circulated news of the formation of a new political alliance that includes the coordination framework, the National Union and some independents, with the aim of extending Mustafa Al-Kazemi and Barham Salih.

The political blockage does not lead, except to the most likely option in extending the Al-Kazemi government, dissolving the parliament and going to early elections, which everyone fears because it will produce new forces, and many of the winning parties and currents will lose their parliamentary seats.

Mazhar Salih identifies Iraq’s debts to the International Monetary Fund and the mechanism for repaying it

2022/04/29 12:45

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Baghdad / Obelisk: The financial advisor to the Prime Minister, Dr. Mazhar Muhammad Salih, set, on Friday, the date for the expiration of Iraq’s debt payment.

Saleh said, in an interview with Al-Masala, that there are debts owed by Iraq for the benefit of the International Monetary Fund, which are loans that were provided after the year 2015 during the financial and security crises against ISIS terrorism at that time, with about more than four billion dollars and according to two successive programs and two tranches: the first was called (by means). Accelerated financing (with more than one billion dollars to support the 2015 budget), noting that “the other loan between 2016 and 2017 amounted to nearly three billion dollars, within the scope of a program called (credit preparedness arrangements).

He explained that these amounts are currently paid in installments with simple interest periodically and regularly, and they are part of the remnants of Iraq’s remaining external debt that is really payable, which amounts to about 20 billion dollars, paid in installments until the year 2028 mostly.