Including the re-representation of diplomatic representation in Vietnam .. the Council of Ministers issues several decisions

political| 04:57 – 19/04/2022


Baghdad – Mawazine News
, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi chaired, on Tuesday, the fifteenth regular session of the Council of Ministers.
The session witnessed a review of the epidemiological report, the measures taken to confront the Corona pandemic, and the developments of the work of the Committee to Strengthen Government Actions in the areas of prevention and health awareness control; To limit the spread of the virus, and the procedures of the Ministry of Health in preparing all the required medical supplies, in addition to the ministry’s efforts to secure vaccinations for citizens and in large quantities through vaccination outlets throughout Iraq:
After the Council of Ministers discussed the topics on the agenda, it issued the following decisions:
First/ The Ministry of Finance undertakes financing (1,500,000) dinars, only one billion and five hundred million dinars, to the Ministry of Health, to treat the wounded in demonstrations outside Iraq, in implementation of paragraphs (1 and 2) mentioned in the Federal Financial Supervisory Office book No. (1/1/15/) 2443) of February 3, 2021, attached to the Council of Ministers Resolution (15 of 2022).
Second / Approval of authorizing Hani Musa Badr, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health for Technical Affairs, the authority to sign a draft memorandum of understanding between the Ministry of Health in the Republic of Iraq and the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Baghdad, regarding the grant of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Field Hospital with a capacity of 205 beds to treat patients in Baghdad Taking into account the opinion of the legal department in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers.
Third / Approval of the recommendation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the approval of the re-representation of diplomatic representation in the Republic of Vietnam to be a resident representation as it was previously, instead of the non-resident representation and the reopening of the Iraqi embassy in Hanoi, based on the provisions of Articles (25 and 26) of the Foreign Service Law ( 45 for the year 2008), provided that its opening does not lead to an increase in the number of workers in diplomatic missions.
Fourth / Approval of authorizing the Minister of Finance or whomever he authorizes to sign a two-grant agreement with the World Bank as follows:
1- A grant to support higher education in Iraq in the amount of (5,000,000) dollars, only five million dollars for the benefit of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research aimed at raising the employment of graduates and linking universities to the labor market.
2- The grant for innovations for education in the Iraqi governorates that lags behind other governorates in the amount of (10,000,000) dollars, only ten million dollars aimed at strengthening the educational practices of mathematics and Arabic language teachers, and improving reading and writing skills.
1- The Ministry of Finance will fund (500,000,000) dinars, only five hundred billion dinars, to the Ministry of Electricity, to sustain the work of production stations and address bottlenecks in the electrical system for the summer of 2022, through maintenance, provision of necessary and governing materials, expansion and rehabilitation work for stations and the network, and implementation of their connections. According to the detail shown in the tables accompanying the book of the Ministry of Electricity No. (20479) dated April 18, 2022, in implementation of paragraphs (1 and 2) mentioned in the letter of the Federal Financial Supervision Bureau No. (1/1/15/2443) dated February 3 2021, attached to the Cabinet Resolution (15 of 2022).
2- The financing of the amount mentioned in paragraph (1) above will be in two phases, the first (200,000,000) dinars, only two hundred billion dinars, and the second (300,000,000) dinars, only three hundred billion dinars for the next month.
3- The Ministry of Electricity submits periodic statements of achievement and expenditure rates to the Prime Minister. Ended 29/h

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