An independent deputy reveals moves to settle differences and an expected date for the parliament session

political| 08:08 – 19/04/2022


Baghdad – Mawazine News
The independent deputy, Hussein Al-Sabri, confirmed, on Tuesday, the existence of political moves to settle differences between the blocs to resolve the file of naming the President of the Republic and resolving the file of forming the government, and while he warned against falling into a constitutional vacuum, he expected the date of the next session.
Al-Sabri said, in a statement to the official news agency, that “the presidential candidate has the right of the Kurdish component, and negotiations are continuing on this to agree on a candidate for the position,” noting that “there are several options on the table, and during these days a move was taken to settle the crisis.”
He added, “The recent days have witnessed a movement between the political blocs, and there is a kind of flexibility,” expressing his hope that the current political closure would be resolved.
And Al-Sabri indicated that “the last session of the House of Representatives was lifted, without specifying the date of the next session, Parliament Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi. Leave it without a date.

He explained that “there is a session that will be held after the tenth of next month, and the constitutional timings are beginning to creep, and there is a fear of falling into a constitutional vacuum,” expressing his hope to hold the session and name the President of the Republic and then the prime minister. On the 28th of last March, the parliament session dedicated to electing the president of the republic after it was not possible to achieve a quorum to hold it, and the parliament has not succeeded until today in holding the session.

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