Broad condemnation of the missile attack on Baghdad International Airport

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Shafaq News/ Political leaders and local and international official bodies condemned today, Friday, the missile bombing that targeted Baghdad International Airport, warning at the same time of the consequences of such attacks on the security and stability of the country.

The presidency said in a statement received by Shafaq News Agency, “The continuation of attempts to destabilize security and stability is a dangerous development that must be curbed.”

She pointed out that “the presence of threats and risks to the security of airports is detrimental to the name and status of Iraq.”

For his part, Ammar al-Hakim, head of the “Iraqi” coalition, said, “We condemn and denounce the targeting of Baghdad International Airport, and these actions that target the country’s infrastructure and civilian facilities must be investigated immediately to find out the perpetrators and the agendas behind them that seek to destabilize Iraq’s security.”

He also called on “the security authorities to intensify the intelligence effort to secure the lives of citizens.”

This morning, Friday, Baghdad International Airport was bombed with at least six missiles, according to an official security source in a statement to Shafaq News Agency.

In turn, the head of the “Victory” coalition Haider al-Abadi said in his comment on the bombing, “Have mercy on the state, for the state is not built by claiming, bullying and exclusion, and just as interests are not achieved by slogans, they are not achieved by lawlessness.”

He noted that “the arbitration of reason, solidarity and compromise is what will achieve the hopes of the people and preserve order and the state.”

Al-Abadi stressed that the responsibility is shared, the fate is one, and whoever has the decision to choose, he warned against what he called “sedition.”

For his part, the leader of the “Babylonian” coalition, Rayan Al-Kildani, said that “targeting Baghdad airport is targeting state facilities, and whoever thinks that we will tolerate the blatant attack on the Iraqi state, we remind him of the verses of victory that our people wrote with their blood.”

As for the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI), it has expressed its deep concern about the current wave of attacks targeting political party offices, residences, as well as businesses in Iraq, the latest of which is the missile attack on Baghdad International Airport.

She stated in a statement that these despicable attacks caused injuries and material damage, and harmed peaceful citizens who only wish to go about their daily lives without fear of being assaulted or dying.

She stated that while strongly condemned across the political spectrum, the perpetrators and rogue groups behind these ruthless attacks appeared to enjoy impunity, acting recklessly and exposing the country to dire consequences.

She also stressed that it is necessary for everyone to move beyond the condemnations and unite quickly to expose those behind them. At the same time, dialogue must be intensified to find solutions to any political dispute.

The UN mission called on all parties to exercise restraint and avoid falling into the trap of creating chaos amid a critical but sensitive transitional period.

The General Company for Iraqi Airways had reported earlier today that an out-of-service plane was damaged by missile strikes that targeted Baghdad International Airport.

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