Kurdistan Democratic Party: Dealing with the Sadrist movement is (easier) and Zebari is our candidate for the presidency

01/27/2022 22:12

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Baghdad / Obelisk: A member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Mayada Al-Najjar, said Thursday, January 27, 2022, in a televised interview, that there are electoral entitlements and we, as a Kurdish party, have more than 30 seats, while all Kurdish political forces combined have 30 seats, which is equivalent to our entitlements. Electoral, therefore, the position of President of the Republic is the entitlement of the Kurdistan Democratic Party. 

She added, Our candidate for the post of President of the Republic is Hoshyar Zebari, and his candidacy is not tactical until Barham Salih withdrew from the nomination, as is rumored by some parties. 

And she indicated, We blessed Barham Salih when he won the last session, and if he wins this session, we will also bless him. We threaten to separate from Sulaymaniyah and other threats. 

And she continued, that the PUK says that its only candidate is Barham Salih, while it has 3 candidates, and this means that there is a lack of understanding within the PUK. 

She added, if the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan threatens to secede from Kurdistan or from the Kurdistan Democratic Party, in practice this matter is difficult and we will not fear these threats. 

Regarding the position of the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the reasons for its alignment with the Sadrist bloc in Baghdad, Al-Najjar said: The political forces have become more mature in understanding democracy, and we must go away from sects and nationalities in forming the government in order to be responsive to the demands of the people.

And she indicated that we are part of the political process and the talk that the Kurdistan Democratic Party created a rift in the Shiite house as a result of its alignment with the Sadrist bloc. 

Al-Najjar went on to say: Dealing with one party that has centrality (in reference to the Sadrist bloc), is better and easier, and dealing with a party that has several heads (in reference to the coordinating framework), and accused the Kurdistan Democratic Party of treachery and betrayal, is difficult.

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