Al-Kazemi directs to take several measures to solve the electricity problem and blames the previous governments

political| 06:52 – 23/01/2022


Baghdad – Mawazine News
, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi chaired, on Sunday, an emergency meeting that included the ministers of oil, finance and electricity and a number of officials, devoted to discussing the electrical energy crisis that the country is currently witnessing, due to the increased loads on the electrical network as a result of the severe cold wave, and due to the lack of gas imported from Iranian side.
Al-Kazemi stressed that the previous governments did not diversify the sources of gas import and adopted one source, which led to a deterioration in the production of electrical energy in the event of a shortage or halt in gas imports, while the current government sought to sign several giant contracts to invest gas in various oil fields for the purpose of developing a final and national solution. to this problem over the next few years.
In order to preserve the current situation, the Prime Minister directed the Ministry of Oil to take several measures that would contribute to providing electricity to citizens and compensating for the shortfall in energy production, as he directed the following:
1- Increasing the share of private generators from gas oil fuel in areas experiencing multiple power outages.
2- Follow-up to ensure the distribution of the prescribed quotas for citizens of white oil and the provision of additional quantities at the outlets.
3- Providing liquid fuel for electric power production stations to compensate for the shortfall in gas imports from the Islamic Republic of Iran. Ended 29 / h

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