Al-Maliki: Continuing talks between the framework and the current in order to form the next government


 Abdulmalk3 minutes ago

Al-Maliki said in a press statement, which was monitored by The Independent, that “political discussions are continuing between the political forces and it is not possible to stay in the middle of the road at all, especially between Shiite forces.”

He added that “the Sunni forces, specifically the Alliance of Progress, won the presidency of the parliament by about 37 seats after its alliance with a group of forces, as well as the Kurds, who will obtain the presidency of the republic, so it will stop for a bloc such as the coordination framework that is intended to be marginalized.”

Al-Maliki indicated that “the framework continues to open channels of talks with the Sadrist movement and will never impose on it the choice of the opposition, but rather it is a voluntary choice for any political bloc.”

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