In Pictures: Quds Force Commander Ismail Qaani Visits Najaf

01/16/2022 221 

Earth News/ An informed source revealed today, Sunday, the arrival of the commander of the “Quds Force” of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Ismail Qaani, to Iraq, with the aim of bringing the views closer on the file of forming the new Iraqi government.

The source told Earth News, “The commander (Quds Force) of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Ismail Qaani, arrived in Iraq, with the aim of holding meetings with the Iraqi political forces to bring closer views on the file of forming the new Iraqi government, and work to unify positions within the Shiite political house, after the differences between the two parties. The coordination framework and the Sadrist movement.

Yesterday, Saturday, the head of the Al-Fateh Alliance Hadi Al-Amiri held a meeting with the head of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada Al-Sadr, during which they discussed the next steps to form the government, while sources revealed the most prominent discussions in the meeting, stressing that Al-Amiri stipulated that Al-Sadr not prejudice the popular mobilization and resort to the coordination framework in the event The next prime minister wanted to take fateful decisions for consultation, while he expressed his initial approval to expel al-Maliki and Qais al-Khazali in the event of an alliance with the current. The first deputy, Hakem al-Zamili, and the second deputy, Shakhwan Abdullah, without the approval of the coordination framework, which considered the session invalid and confirmed that he would submit an appeal to the Federal Court, which in turn issued a state order to suspend the Presidency of Parliament until the lawsuit is resolved.

بالصور: قائد فيلق القدس اسماعيل قاآني يزور النجف


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